Interview: Jacob Groening

Jacob Groening has put his stamp on music released by labels like Earthly Delights, Cosmic Awakenings, and 3000 Grad Records over the past few years, though it’s his work with Kamai Music that’s been most impressive.

His own Kamai Music imprint has brought us sounds from names such as Namito, Kon Fader, Amentia, Nhil, and Timboletti, and the label is about to release Jacob’s latest album ‘Timefades’.

We spoke to the German artist about the forthcoming long player, which other record labels we might see him on, and who else might be releasing with Kamai Music in the near future. Read the full interview with Jacob Groening below.

You’ll soon be releasing a new studio album on your Kamai Music imprint, what was the inspiration behind the LP and how did you find the process of making it?

I’d had the idea of making an album for a long time, and about a year and a half ago I started to work on actually putting it together. Usually, I work with a lot of recorded samples from various musicians, but with the album, I wanted to do the opposite and dive deeper inside myself. This led to me incorporating the electric guitar and experimenting with vocals. The vocals and guitar add a new, more intimate feeling when I perform the album live.

Do you have a favourite track from the album, one which has a special meaning perhaps?

I enjoy the track ‘Reset’ because of its long build up. It’s inspired by rock bands from the ‘80s, and that’s a theme that runs through the whole release, but I think it’s best captured within that track.

And which other albums did you tap into for inspiration during the production process?

I was inspired by a lot of different artists over these last couple of years. I’ve been revisiting a lot of classics, and I think the ones that had the most influence were Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Prince, Nina Simone, and Bob Moses.

Do you have any plans for a remix pack of the album?

I don’t usually arrange remixes for my own tracks, so I’ve not looked into it for my album, but this is a special release, and maybe I’ll do a remix version later down the line. Although – right now – that’s not something I’m planning to do.

You’ve previously released music on Earthly Delights, Cosmic Awakenings, and 3000 Grad Records, where else might we see you release music in the near future?

I was in contact with numerous labels about the album, but after some discussions, I realised the best way to release it was on my own record label Kamai Music. There was lots of interest, but I wanted total creative freedom. The album is my story, and I want to make sure it remains personal to me and my emotions.

And how about Kamai Music, who can we expect to hear on there?

I am very excited for the upcoming releases on the label, as we have great music from established names and very fresh sounding newcomers. We are also planning some vinyl releases which I’m also hyped for, as I love being able to hold music in my hands via a physical format. To give a sneak peek, the next release after my album will be from Kon Faber with a collaborative track with Iorie, but also includes remixes by Fka Mash, Joep Mencke, Niki Sadeki, and myself. Both Releases, my album and the Kon Faber EP, will be released on vinyl as well.

You’re currently living in Berlin, what’s your favourite thing to do in the city besides heading to clubs?

I’m currently sharing a studio with Marco Resmann and Matthias Meyer, that’s close to the Spree in the centre of Berlin. This is where I like to spend a lot of time and explore my creativity. I also enjoy spending time at Tempelhofer Feld which is a recreational area in Berlin with lots of open space that’s great for listening to music, playing sports, and cycling.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention before we go?

I’m really excited for the release of my album, it’s been a long time in the making, and I’ve put my heart and soul into it. It’s a culmination of my musical tastes and I can’t wait for the world to hear it. There’s already been a lot of DJ support for the tracks, and I’ve got some singles coming before the full release.

The first single ‘Timefades’ came out on September 1st, then the second ‘Gemini’ drops on September 22nd. ‘Reset’ drops on October 14th, then ‘Ready to Fall’ is out on November 3rd, and the full album drops on November 24th. After the album is out, I’m planning some live shows, but will announce more on those closer to the release date. Thanks to all my fans who make my career possible, and I hope you all enjoy the album when you get to hear it in full.

Jacob Groening – Timefades LP is out November 24th on Kamai Music.