Let's Talk: Kolombo

Belgian native Kolombo is as much a veteran of house music as anyone, over the years releasing his tracks on some of the genre’s biggest outputs, and recent releases have come on Katermukke, Lou Lou Records and SNOE.

Now launching a brand new label himself, his latest 3-track Remember EP brings the debut offering from his Otherwise Records imprint.

We caught up with him to ask about the new EP, why it was the right time for him to start a new label, his thoughts on the ever-growing Belgian club scene and more. Get the full discussion below.

Let’s Talk about your new Remember EP that just came out last week, how did this one come together in the studio?

I love that vocal and was working on that tune for a while, the same as of most of my productions, I just start testing a bunch of effects, and synths until I find something that I like.

Let’s Talk about Otherwise Records, your new label that is responsible for the EP, why was it time to launch a new label?

My team and I have been discussing this project for about a year or so. We thought that it would be interesting to work on a new label as sometimes we felt that my music was a bit misjudged, so we’d like to create something new to show how my music and influences has changed with the time and also to have a good channel for networking, give a space to good friends and producers that we believe in, and of course to bet on new talents. There are so many good people out there making amazing music.

Let’s Talk being Belgian, where the local scene has grown massively in recent years, how does Belgium’s club scene differ now compared to when you were first coming up?

Indeed, it has grown a lot. Such a small country with a strong electronic scene. I believe back in the days new beat was the precursor. Now the techno scene is stronger then ever with great local artists, such as Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens and Ramon Tapia also the EDM scene has been growing for a long time. I hope the country keeps on this path.

And can you give us a couple of emerging Belgian talents that you think everyone should be keeping an eye on?

There is my beloved friend Maxim Lany, he’s not new at all, but I admire a lot of the work he has been doing. Spirit Catcher, Compuphonic and of course, my mate LouLou Players. More disco like The Magician, Aeroplane , 2many DJs, and many more.

Let’s Talk COVID-19, of course the world is in a pretty weird place right now, how have you been keeping busy, and sane, over the past few months?

Tell me about it! What a year. I had ups and downs during this period. It has been positive in a way that I am able to spend more time with my family, wife and dogs. Also finally resting as I was touring like crazy for the last 15 years. There are some weeks that I am more productive, can’t stay away from the studio and others that I can’t stay away from sofa, pizza and TV. I try to balance between those and keep positive. I think this situation is bringing a lot of awareness to the wrong that has been happening in the world.

And what are you looking forward to most when things become normal again?

I just can’t wait to pack again for a tour, to see a crowd in front of me with a massive sound system! Hahaha. And also to hug my friends and my team that live in Brazil. Never thought I would miss airports that much!

Let’s Talk past releases, as you have of course appeared on some of house music’s biggest imprints, in your opinion, what makes a great label great?

I think what makes a label great is the purpose, the music, concepts such as the design, artists and consistency.

And before we wrap things up, what’s the next strange thing to come our way in 2020?

OMG, please no more strange things! A new season of the Netflix series IT would be awesome for sofa days haha.

Kolombo’s Remember EP is out now on Otherwise Records.