Let's Talk: Marco Faraone

It takes a serious work ethic to stay on top as an international artist, finding enough time to get into the studio to keep a consistent release schedule, while also touring enough so you can pay the bills. Though for Italian techno don Marco Faraone, it has seemed almost effortless. At least from the outside.

The Tuscany native will make his return to Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label this month, delivering a quadruple techno package in the form of his Lunar Eclipse EP. We got in touch with him for this months edition of Let’s Talk to discuss the release, as well as what his next few bookings looks like and how he balances running his own UNCAGE label with everything else required of him.

Marco, how has the summer been and your residency at Music On? The closing was at Privilege instead of Amnesia, how do you compare each venue, do you have a favourite?

This summer was very important for me, probably the most important ever. I played so many great clubs and events all around the globe and discovered many new places that I haven’t been before. The summer in Ibiza was next level, and I played 11 shows on the island. 10 of those were with Music On, including their mega closing party at Privilege.

It’s a pleasure for me to be invited and to be a part of Marco’s crew. He’s a real legend for me and a master of his craft. I have to say that I love Amnesia and the vibe there. It’s such a huge club and the production that Music On does is always the best I have seen at the venue. Everything from the lights to the sound system are perfect. I don’t have a favourite venue in Ibiza, they are all very different from one another, but Amnesia is magical. Privilege is bomb and so huge – if you throw a super big party, it’s a good club for that!

Will you be back to the island as a resident next year?

You never know what is going to happen in life, this music scene changes too fast and everyone believes too much in the hype of the moment. What can I say? I really hope that I will be back again next year and part of the Music On crew, we built up a lot of good memories together this summer and of course, I would be sad if we don’t continue this journey together for one reason or another. So, let’s say that yes, I want to be a part of it again and hope and think that I will!

You’ll be back on Mr. Beyer’s Drumcode this month, it’s been a while since you had a full EP on the label, were you waiting for the right tracks? Can you take us through the tracks on the EP a little?

This is my 3rd EP on Drumcode, and my 5th release as I also did a remix for Moby and a track on the famous A- Sides VA. I was definitely waiting for the inspiration to produce something specifically for Adam. I never send random demos to a label if I know the sound won’t fit with their output. I consider myself a very versatile artist, and as a producer too. I always wanted to have a big spectrum within electronic music.

I worked a lot to produce this new EP and I wanted it to be a little different, something techno but epic at the same time. I took a lot of inspiration listening to some of the old ‘vitalic’s’ sound, which use a lot of synths and groove, but I wanted to evolve this into a new key for 2018. I think that all the tracks create a journey together, it’s a complete EP with tracks that are varied and new elements, perfect for that big festival vibe.

It will include four all original tracks, was there no talk of a remixer for this one?

Normally Drumcode doesn’t release any remixes on the EP’s. If you have good tracks you don’t really need a remix.

Let’s discuss your UNCAGE label, what plans do you have coming for that?

The label is doing so well, but it’s also slow because of the vinyl pressing process, but I am really happy. We had the chance to work with some incredible artists including Radio Slave, Donato Dozzy, Skudge, Markus Suckut, Marcel Fengler, Eduardo de la Calle and the Zenker Brothers who have done a release on our next EP which is out in November.

Our goal is to discover new talent and to push them together with established names in the scene. The next EP from Cèlome includes two remixes, one from myself and the as mentioned one from the Ilian Tape label owners – The Zenker Brothers, really excited about this one, some killers tracks. Soon we’ll have on board Mark Broom, Bambounou and Efdemin! Stay tuned on my socials for more news on each release.

And do you run the label yourself or is there anyone behind the scenes helping out?

I run the label with my close friend and Berliner – Norman Methner. He’s a guy that’s been working in the music industry for so many years and used to work for International Gigolo Records many years ago for DJ Hell. He is definitely a great partner to run the label with and a great friend too, with amazing knowledge and good taste! When I started, I was looking for someone to be on board with me and be believed in the label and me from the very start – and we are still together today! So that means we are doing something right!

ADE is here – what parties and events are you playing? What events can you recommend to someone heading out there for the first time?

I didn’t plan to play at ADE this year actually because I was supposed to be on tour in South America, however the tour was moved to the first week of November. I had a few requests from some venues but decided to take time off this year and work on presenting a panel with Pioneer on the Saturday in their Soundlab. I’ll then fly off to Rome for a show!

Always any shows at Gashouder are amazing, so can recommend everyone to head there if they have not before. Of course, some of the smaller venues have some really cool line ups to – but there is just so much going on, its crazy to know where to go! I am at ADE most years, it’s a cool city with so many good parties. A lot of memories there!

Marco Faraone’s ‘Lunar Eclipse’ EP is out October 22nd on Drumcode, Preorder it on Beatport.