Mat.Joe have been one of the most consistent duos in house music for almost ten years, releases on Mother Recordings, Elrow Music, Exploited Ghetto and other top labels have put their sound to the ears of millions, and 2019 looks like a massive year for the pair!

The Berlin-based artists have big plans for the next few months, including releases for DFTD and This Ain’t Bristol. They will also head off on tour soon across North and South America.

We got a chance to ask them a couple of questions before they jet off across the Atlantic, including what goes in to planning a tour, their forthcoming productions, and future plans in general.

Mat and Joe! How are things going for you guys at the moment?

Heyyyy! Things are going well, playing and producing a lot, finding time in between to relax and eat as much ice cream as we can. Summer is on its way and we can’t wait!

You’re just kicking off a tour which includes Brazil, Canada and Columbia, looking forward to those shows?

Yes for sure, all those places are so nice and we have a lot of friends over there, so we’re super excited about it. We’ll also produce some new original jams on tour, finish an upcoming remix and collaborate as well.

How much influence do you have when it comes to planning a tour? Or do you leave it completely to your booking agents?

We always try to work out the tours with our agents. It’s quite convenient when you can enjoy studio sessions, sightseeing or some nice ice cream at the places you’re going to. But sometimes it doesn’t work out and we leave it to the agents.

Your collaboration with Kid Enigma just came out on DFTD, how did you come to work together?

We love the stuff we heard on other releases so we’re happy that Defected got us in touch, so we worked out the track together and DFTD signed it. Some weeks ago we played at Spybar Chicago and found out that we have a similar taste in music.

You also have a new one coming on This Ain’t Bristol at the end of the month, excited for that release?

YA KNOW might be one of the hottest tracks we ever released and we’re really looking forward to it. It took more than half a year to re-sing the vocal etc. but now it’s here. YA KNOWWWW! Haha.

What about the rest of the year, can you share any labels you might be working during the summer and beyond?

We’re working with Defected, Mother Recordings, Dirtybird, Repopulate Mars, This Ain’t Bristol, Armada Subjekt and our own imprint.

Thanks a lot for taking some time out to chat, it’s been great to catch up. Anything else you want to mention before we go?

Likewise! We’re super happy to work in our new studio place right after we’re back home in June, that means a lot to us because we didn’t have a spot for more than a year! Also let’s all have some ice cream together soon. One love! Hannes & Matze.