Let's Talk: Neverdogs

Italian duo Neverdogs make a much anticipated return to their own Bamboleo Records, an imprint that has previously seen music from Ray Mono and George Smeddles.

The pair’s new What Are You Doing To Me EP combines four original productions for their first release on the label of 2020, and is available both digitally and on vinyl.

Speaking with them recently we got to ask about the new tracks, what’s to come soon on Bamboleo and how they’re dealing with self-isolation and COVID-19.

You’re about to return to Bamboleo for the first time since your album in 2019, excited to have some new music on your own label?

Definitely excited! We spent several months working on this EP. The finished product as a full EP came out in March 2020 on vinyl, and on 24th April it will be released digitally. We are optimistic that it will be a success and have already had very strong and positive feedback, from the music industry.

The release brings four new originals, how would you describe the tracks in your own words?

The tracks combine different styles of music ranging from minimal and deep tech to house. Two of them were made with our friend, the singer Margit, who goes by the artist name Magaziine. We are extremely pleased with the final outcome.

Bamboleo has of course seen releases from Ray Mono, Matteo Gatti, George Smeddles and others in the past, who can we expect to see on there in the coming months?

We’re in discussion and have several releases planned. At the end of May we’re going to release Year One of Bamboleo Records, we’ve also made a mix compilation for it. You will be able to purchase the mix compilation but also the individual tracks featuring the best of our first year. In addition, Sebastian Ledher will definitely return to the label and we are planning to also have music from Mason Collective, Cosmin Horatiu and II Faces.

And how about Neverdogs music on other labels, can you share any info on what imprints you will be appearing on soon?

Yes we have imprints and labels that we’re in discussion with, but at this stage we do not want to reveal anything until it is 100% confirmed so we will keep you posted once we have decided and are ready to announce them.

Bamboleo is also an events series alongside the label, are you planning any shows once the current restrictions have been lifted?

Once the lockdown has been lifted and the pandemic becomes a thing of the past, we will go back to our residency at Village Underground, which was a major success this Winter past. We’ll also be picking up where we left off with The BPM Festival with dates and shows throughout the world.

And how has the entire COVID-19 situation affected you guys, being Italian it must be quite surreal right now?

COVID-19 has affected us majorly, the situation in Italy is very very bad. At the moment Tommy and I (Marco) are safe – Tommy is in Ibiza and I am in London. Since January we’ve been hit very hard with cancellations of all gigs in every aspect, from big shows to small clubs. February continued to be a disaster, and the gigs kept being cancelled. As for the future, we do not have any news on when it will all go back to normal so the nightlife industry has become one of the worst hit, and will likely be one of the last to recover.

How have you been keeping yourselves busy while in isolation?

Well, keeping ourselves busy during isolation has been very pro-active in the sense that we have routines in place, even though we are not together in the same place. For example, I will wake up in the morning, go for long walks in the park, cook healthy food, spend the day answering the phone, conducting video meetings with my partners and listening to music, making podcasts, scheduling new releases, before finishing the day watching a tv series or a film in the evening.

Tommy on the other hand, as Spain is in a full lockdown where you are not even allowed to leave your home to exercise, is digging through music and has also been concentrating on his painting skills and preparing a selection of artwork to display at his multi-media art space in Barcelona once the lockdown has been lifted. However, he’s also been working and liaising on day to day management with myself and the business partners for both Neverdogs and Bamboleo Records, plus being active on all social platforms.

And can you share an album or EP that you think connects people in a time like right now?

Honestly, I can’t mention only an EP or even an artist as a stand out selection. However, luckily we have plenty of time and we are therefore listening to different styles of music, different albums and singles, and we both think that music in general is connecting and helping people to survive in this difficult moment.

Neverdogs’ What Are You Doing To Me EP is out April 24th on Bamboleo.