Let's Talk: Nick Curly

Nick Curly has been a driving force amongst Germany’s club scene for years, and has released original music on leading imprints such as Defected and Cocoon.

This year we saw the revival of his Cécille imprint, which alongside his other label – 8Bit – has released tracks from Franky Rizardo, Harry Romero, Archie Hamilton and Supernova.

We spoke with Nick Curly for the second time on Inflyte to chat about the relaunch of the label, the best piece of advice he’s been given, and how involved he likes to be in the day-to-day.

Thanks for sitting down with us again, and congrats on the relaunch of Cécille. How has the relaunch gone and are you excited to have it running again?

Thank you! Yes, it took a little longer than planned to make the relaunch happen, but we wanted to be careful with the first EP and make sure we didn’t rush into anything. When starting up again, it’s a big deal for any label and it needs to be done right. Now that we have just released the second EP from Harry Romero since the re-launch in October, the feedback and support has been overwhelmingly positive and that makes it even more worthwhile that we decided to take this step.

How would you describe the label, in one sentence?

A label that has shaped a certain sound and that stands for timeless good music.

Your music has now appeared on labels like Cocoon and Defected, how does it typically work when organising a release with their teams?

In the last few years I have released on many different platforms, but of course the musical direction of Cocoon and Defected are very different in my opinion, but it was Defected that signed my album, so it was a perfect fit for me and that project. Of course, the teams behind these labels know me now, so sending demos and organising releases is easier than someone who has no history with them.

When I go into the studio, I do not produce tracks with a particular label in mind. I try to always create a track that still appeals to me after listening and testing in a club several times. If it works, then at that point I send over to the respective A&R’s on the labels where I think it may fit. From that point, it’s down to them and we move on chatting about a release, PR plan and more.

And how involved do you like to be when it comes to artwork, social media and promo stuff, in general?

I am involved on the artwork, they are always approved by my team and I. With regards to social media and the promo for the releases, I leave this to my PR agent, and they suggest options for each release which we then go through together. Actually, posting social media, I do this myself on all my own channels. I like to be hands on with this and to interact with my fans.

Your next gig is at for Rave On Snow in Austria, such a good festival! Are you excited to play there? Is there anyone on the line up you want to go and see play?

Rave On Snow is a special festival which is situated in such a wonderful surrounding in Austria, in the middle of the mountains. This is a showcase for my agency Constellate Talent – I have played for Dom and Bob at the festival twice before, and many other gigs with them. Top promoters and good friends of mine. I am always happy to head out to this festival and hang out. To be honest, there are so many good acts on this year, I like to make sure I go and see those people I am friends with, as it’s always good to support each other, as they have for me over the years.

What is the one tune that you have had on repeat at every set the last month or so?

I can say with certainty that since I signed ‘Mood Vision’ from Harry Romero on the label I have been playing it in every set. I love this track and what it does to the dancefloor.

Before we go, do you have a piece of advice or some words which someone gave you and has stuck with you throughout your career?

Do not always say “YES” to everything.

Nick Curly’s Dunga EP is out now on Warung Recordings.