Let's Talk: Nick Curly

With over a decade in the industry as a leading house DJ, producer and label owner, German artist Nick Curly continues to dominate at the helm of 8Bit Records.

This month he returns to the label with his brand new Zero Love EP, adding another accolade to a catalogue that already lists work on Knee Deep In Sound, Truesoul and Crosstown Rebels.

We spoke with Nick about the new release, his plans for 8Bit in 2019 and how being a veteran of his trade affects his artistic approach. Read the full interview below.

Hi Nick, it’s great to catch up! How are things going at the moment?

Hi guys, all good here. I’m just back on the road again after I took a few weekends off for some holiday time. Everything is going very well and I’m looking forward to being back in the club again this weekend!

Your Zero Love EP is about to drop on your own label, 8Bit, tell us about the tracks and how you made them?

With this EP I tried to go in a bit of a different way from my previous productions. Not the usual old loopy style I did on my previous 8Bit release. ‘Zero Love’ is deep and more melodic. When I made this track, I was thinking about the start of the open-air season and after parties for inspiration, that’s what helped me find that sound in ‘Zero Love’.

And few people can really rival the experience you have in the industry, is there any added pressure when you know people are expecting a certain standard from you?

Well, yes, I’ve actually been there for a few years, but I have never really felt under pressure so to speak. On the contrary, I actually see many things have become more relaxed in the industry than before. I do not think a different standard is required from me compared to when I started, I always do my best when I play or produce. That’s something anyone does.

How about as a DJ? Are there things you do differently now compared to when you were just coming up?

Sure, the whole technique has changed. I used to be a vinyl only DJ when I started, actually there was nothing else at that time! Now I play 90% with the pioneer CDJ’s using effects and the RMX 1000. So, the whole process of spinning has changed, but I really like it. Of course, I still do like to spin some vinyl’s but then it has to be vinyl only.

Let’s talk about 8Bit again, you’ve had guys like Franky Rizardo, Sidney Charles, Dale Howard, Supernova and Josh Butler on the label, can you share any big names that might be making an appearance this year?

8Bit is in a really good point at the moment, my partner Gorge and I are trying to create a group of artists that understand the kind of sound we want to go forward with on the label.

It’s not important to sign big names for the label, it’s important to have the right music and acts who can constantly deliver. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean big names can’t deliver, I’m actually talking to a few now about releases, but I think it’s nice to have a selection of artists, new and established to keep things varied.

And your own music, will you be making any label debuts, or returning to any of the labels you’ve already released with over the years?

Oh yes, I can say now that I’m also bringing back my label Cecille Records again. We have just signed the first two releases. This is a big challenge for me as Cecille was so big back in the days. When Marc (my label partner) and I decided to take a break we didn’t know for how long or if we would ever come back, but since then a lot of people have been asking me about the label, and what’s happening with it, so I felt I can’t just stop it completely. So, we are coming back!

Thanks a lot for taking some time out to chat, let’s close things up with one piece of advice you would give to a newcomer in today’s industry?

You’re welcome! The scene has changed in many different ways in comparison to when I started out, so things are done differently for newcomers. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, it’s just that the options you have now with all the social media and online hype is a lot to take in and control.

I would advise anyone to still focus on music and do not forget that is why you started doing this. Success doesn’t come overnight, and if you keep doing what you believe in and love that’s more important than what’s posted on your socials. Let’s try and keep the quality and focus high in the industry, as I think it gets lost a bit along the way with social media.

You can grab Nick’s Zero Love EP here.