Let's Talk: Ninetoes

Stuttgart born, Berlin based. Ninetoes has become a go-to provider of pristine quality house music amongst German producers. Since the success of his 2013 ‘Finder’ track, which has over 6M views across YouTube and SoundCloud, he has went on to release with Mobilee, Toolroom, Suara, DFTD and Avotre.

Now returning to Moon Harbour, he releases his Stand Up EP, with two originals from himself and two remixes. Read on as we talk to Ninetoes about working with labels, playing Off Sonar and more.

Thanks for sitting down with us, how are things in the life of Ninetoes?

The life of Ninetoes is, hm, let me say it like this: I don’t know the last time I said “I’m bored”. I’m a workaholic and perfectionist so it’s never boring to be Ninetoes. My life is full of music, with lots of traveling, meeting great people and enjoying my life on this beautiful planet and I love it.

You recently released ’Stand Up’ on Moon Harbour, are you excited to put it out there?

My Stand Up EP has just been released on Moon Harbour and is getting a lot of support from big names in the scene.

How would you describe the release in one sentence?

A very groovy + techy, big EP with 4 main time bangers and 2 amazing remixers (Matthias Tanzmann & Harvard Bass).

Your music has now appeared on labels like Moon Harbour and Mobilee, how does it typically work when organising a release with their teams?

I never produce music for a specific label. I’m just making music and after finishing the track me and my manager discuss about which label the track would fit perfectly. And after that we approach the label. When they like it and sign the track it will be released.

And how involved do you like to be when it comes to artwork, social media and promo stuff?

A lot. Nowadays it’s even more important then ever to create a nice artwork and a trademark look and design for a record. So as far as it is possible I will be involved in the procedure to get the best look and design.

You’re playing at the Moon Harbour showcase at Off Sonar, are you looking forward to that?

Sure. The Off Sonar parties in Barcelona are always very nice, full with old and new friends and packed with great party people. I’m looking forward to be there and play at pacha.

What tune are you going to open with?

IDK. That depends always to my mood and the mood in the club. I think there is no ‘OPENER’ track for every party. Every party and every crowd or club is different.

Before we go, what is something someone said that has stuck with you throughout your career?

Rainer Weichhold from Kling Klong Records. He called me once when Finder was in its peak, summer 2013. He said: Be prepared! After the summer season your life will change abruptly and you will travel the world and play a lot of amazing parties. He was right and yes. It’s still like that and I’m super happy about it.

Ninetoes’ Stand Up EP is out now on Moon Harbour, grab it HERE.