Let's Talk: Oliver Deutschmann

Oliver Deutschmann is a permanent staple among Berlin’s techno scene, his music has landed on Innervisions, Mobilee Records, Hotflush and more, and as a DJ he has played clubs like Berghain many times over.

Following a recent EP with Andre Crom’s OFF Recordings, the German producer’s next outing will find him appear on Rebar’s made of Concrete label with his Special Interests EP, which also includes a buzzing remix from Brothers Black.

We caught up with Oliver to chat about the new release, the reason behind the track titles, and what he has coming up in the near future. You can find the full discussion below.

Hey Oliver, welcome to Inflyte! How are things going for you at the moment?

Hey, thanks a lot. Pretty good at the moment. I’m playing nearly every weekend anywhere in this world. This is going for quite some years. So, I am happy with that situation. To have the opportunity to travel around a lot, meeting so many nice people and still see all these places around the world.

Your Special Interests EP is due out on German label made of Concrete, and it has pretty unique track titles, explain the concept behind this one?

The only concept is that the track titles are related to some of the parties I really enjoyed to play in the last couple of years. Snax at Berghain, Berlin’s infamous Pornceptual and the Verboten parties in London. All these are gay, fetish or sex parties and the vibe on each of them is just special. The crowds on these kinds of parties are extremely open and enthusiastic. And I always feel extremely welcome when I play these kinds of gigs.

It also includes a nice remix from Brothers Black, what did you think of the remix when it first came back?

Well, I immediately loved it. They transformed my track, which is more in the tradition of Steve Bug’s Loverboy classic, into a modern techno track. Very playable and driving. Hope it got played out a lot.

And among your other releases, you’ve appeared on Hotflush, Soma and Mobilee, will you be adding any labels to the list in the coming months?

I just released an EP on OFF Recordings and there will be some remixes on different labels again. I just finished some new tracks that I sent around. Let’s see which labels are going to take them. Maybe I’ll release it on my own, maybe a label that I released on already takes it. Don’t know to be honest.

How about on your own labels? Are you pushing any exciting projects through those?

I’m gonna release another EP on my Slim Audio label till the end of the year. My other labels are on hold right now.

And as a DJ, are you particularly looking forward to any gigs on your schedule?

Yes. I will be back in South East Asia again at the end of August. I’m going to play the first time in Guangzhou, China, this will be exciting. September I play the birthday party of a friend at Pan Club in Hannover and in November my first Gegen Party in Berlin’s Kit Kat Club. This will be a fun gig too! But I’m looking forward to all my coming gigs til the end of the year.

What’s your favourite track of all time?

So many from all different genres. Maybe this one – Depeche Mode – Blasphemous Rumours. But Beach House – All Your Yeahs gives me a lot of goosebumps too.

Thanks a lot for taking some time to talk, we hope the release is a success! Do you want to mention anything before we go?

Do not take yourself so important.

Oliver Deutschmann’s Special Interests EP is available August 23rd on made of Concrete.