Let's Talk: Tube & Berger

The past two decades have seen Tube & Berger become one of the most successful acts in German house music, with releases on Get Physical, Armada Music, and of course, their own Kittball Records.

Kittball has brought music from Flashmob, David Keno and Tough Love, and the founding duo recently returned for a brand new single in Revolution #4.

We caught up with the pair to chat about the new track, their own music on other labels, what’s to come in the future for Kittball and what advice they would give to new artists.

Let’s talk about your new single, Revolution #4, how did it come to be?

We hit the studio for what we thought was going to be normal session, when suddenly Berger’s inner rebel awakened in the shape of a crunk melody. From there on we just went with the flow.

And why a single instead of an EP?

The track has a very particular, unique vibe to it. That fact makes it stand out from everything else we have in the pipeline. A single seemed like the best way to give it some proper time to shine.

Do you have plans for anyone to remix it for a follow-up release?

We’d absolutely love to have it remixed in the near future! Yeah, we have some good names in mind, but let’s not put anyone on the spot here. It will remain a mystery for now. Just like our favourite man for the remix is…

Kittball has now released Flashmob, Tough Love, David Keno, Ante Perry and more, did you ever think the label would have so much success when you first launched?

We have a long bumpy ride behind us with the label, but good music was and always is the driving priority for us. We always believed in Kittball as a strong entity and we’re ultimately thankful it did pick up some good steam.

And can you share any plans for what’s coming on the label in the near future? Any new artists making their debuts?

Our third ‘It Began In Africa’ charity album, incl. Anfisa Letyago, Riva Starr, Magdalena, Josh Butler, Walker & Royce and many more, is seeing the light of day just now. It’s a heartfelt project we’ve been doing in cooperation with the African Children’s Choir since 2009.

As a duo you’ve released on some impressive imprints yourself, including Get Physical, Suara, Toolroom and Armada, what’s next for your original work outside of Kittball?

We’re heavy in love with all of them! Gotta admit, the ‘Heater’ remix for Get Physical, though, that was some great fun! We wouldn’t say no to remixing another anthem like that.

Cheers for taking some time out to chat, before we go, what advice would you give to emerging artists who look up to Tube & Berger?

Many people get demotivated way too quickly. Keep focusing on your craft! Keep producing! And as soon as you think you got a banger: Hit us up wit a demo.

Tube & Berger’s Revolution #4 is out now on Kittball.