Let's Talk: Viot

Brazilian DJ and producer Viot has previously left a pretty lasting impression on the world of underground club music, releasing his music on record labels like Hot Creations and Hellbent Records.

His latest studio effort, a single titled ‘Hypno’, brings him to release on Solid Grooves Raw, a label who have put tracks out from PAWSA, Josh Butler, and Max Dean in the past.

We spoke to Viot about the new track, how he approaches getting new music signed, and which of his gigs he’s most excited about over the next few months. Read the full interview below.

Where are you right now, and what are you up to today?

I’m finishing some beats for the summer and having my calm before the storm comes, haha. As I enjoy cooking in my free moments and spare time, tonight is pasta night.

You just dropped your new single ‘Hypno’ on Solid Grooves Raw, what can people expect to hear on this one?

I tried to keep the track dark and hypnotic, which gives it that really trippy vibe when the beat and the vocals are mixed together. I hope people ‘release the beast’ on the dancefloor listening to it.

What studio gear did you use when making the track?

I produced the track in my home studio using my notebook (I’m a Windows user), Ableton, Genelecs 8040b, and my Volt 276 interface.

I’m a big fan of UAD and Waves plugins nowadays. If I could give three tips about making ‘Hypno,’ they would be the A800 Studer tape recorder for texture in general, SSL Comp to glue the mix, and Trillian for my bass – it’s the way to go for me.

You’ve also released music on Hot Creations, Hellbent Records, and Revival New York, how do you approach the idea of getting music signed?

I always first try to make music that makes me happy in the moment and then I try to find labels for that, in general, I enjoy the work. Sometimes the labels work, sometimes I’m a big fan of the artist owner of the label, sometimes both. Ultimately, I feel blessed that my work is reaching places I always dreamed of.

You’ve already confirmed gigs in Brazil, Portugal, and Spain for this summer, which dates are you most excited about?

I will probably say Mochakk is Calling in Lisboa since it’s my debut in Portugal. Then ANTS at Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza, and also in Brazil, my second time playing at So Track Boa Festiva.

You’re of course from Brazil, how would you describe your countries club scene in one sentence?

The club scene in Brazil is hard to describe. Brazil is so huge that it almost resembles a lot of countries in one. If I could choose two words, they would be vast and unique.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

I just want to thank you guys for the invitation and thank you to every reader who appreciates and enjoys my work in some way!

Viot – Hypno is out now on Solid Grooves Raw.