Lubelski talks Melé's Club Bad imprint, COVID-19 and the Californian club scene

Yet another California-based artist makes their way onto our ever-growing list of top quality emerging talents.

Lubelski’s past works on labels like Dirtybird, Gruuv and Desert Hearts have propelled him to a position of authority amongst his local scene, and he’s about to cross international waters for one of his most impressive outings yet.

Debuting with Melé’s Club Bad imprint, the American’s new Wind Pipe EP delivers two high energy house cuts that are itching to heat up the dancefloor.

We spoke with Lubelski to ask him about the new EP, how they landed on Mele’s radar, how he’s coping with self-isolation and more. Get the full discussion below!

You just released your brand new Wind Pipe EP on Mele’s Club Bad imprint, how would you describe the tracks in your own words?

I would say it’s a touch of world music and a drop of psychedelia, put together in this nice little house music sandwich!

And how did the EP find its way to Mele and Club Bad?

I had been a fan of Melé for years, playing his tracks in my sets and listening to his music. I was honestly a bit surprised when he asked me to make him some music for his label. He told me he liked one of my older tracks, Tabla Jam, which came out on my label Percomaniacs a couple of years ago.

So I wanted to make something similar to that song for him and used the same samples for this one. Throw in that massive throat singing sample and we had our A-side. I made a few more for him and viola, we had my Club Bad release!

Among your past releases you’ll also find outings with Dirtybird, Gruuv and Desert Hearts, what do you consider when sending a demo or when a label gets in touch with you?

I think my main thing is the aesthetic of the label. I really love art and music, so if a label does both really well, you’ve peaked my interest. I think also knowing whether or not a label knows what they are doing from a business prospective is great information as well. I guess that aspect really boils down to how they promote their music.

What other labels might we see you on over the next few months?

Other than my Club Bad release, in the next few months I’m really excited about my debut EP on Elrow and a collaborative release I have with Wyatt Marshall on Deeperfect.

You’re native to California, where the club scene is growing stronger every year, what local talents are you excited about in 2020?

Running my label with RYBO and Wyatt Marshall, I feel like we are very lucky to be very in tune with a lot of the up and coming talent in California. I think artists like Sly Turner, SOHMI, and Shuski are doing some cool stuff and are really starting to find their bearings. I also want to shout out some of the local collectives like Gari Safari, 900 Block, and Understated who not only release some great music but also have some of the most fun underground events.

With public spaces currently on lockdown due to COVID-19, how have you been keeping yourself busy in doors?

Fortunately for me, things have not been much different other than the obvious thing that no one is playing or throwing parties. So minus not having any tour dates, I’m still in the studio pretty much every day doing what I love to do.

And what’s the one thing you can’t wait to do when things return to normal?

I think before everything kind of spiraled out, I was most excited to test out all the new ideas and sounds I’ve been cooking up. I’m 1000 times more excited now for things to go back to normal.

Can you give us an album or EP that you think everyone should check out to make things a little easier right now?

One album that has always been a go to for me has been Yussef Kamaal’s Black Focus. It’s unfortunate that it was their only album together, but it’s a really, really incredible jazz record that I fell in love with the first time I heard it.

Lubelski’s Wind Pipe EP arrives May 1st on Club Bad.