Interview: Maloné

Cuban-born, now Miami-based DJ & producer Maloné has been in absolutely relentless form so far in 2023, with record labels such as Watergate Records, Get Physical Music, and Nervous Records being added to his catalogue this year alone.

He’s also been a long time affiliate of BLOND:ISH’s highly respected Abracadabra imprint, and this month joins the the Canadian label boss for a collaborative club track titled ‘AIO’ – which comes via her quite recently conceived ABRA X label.

We recently had the chance to sit down with Maloné, where we got to talk to him about the new single, his advice to any aspiring producers looking to replicate his success, and what else we might expect to hear from him soon. Get the full interview below.

So, how are things in the life of Maloné right now?

Things are amazing at the moment. I just returned from a European summer tour, playing some shows in Ibiza, Mykonos, St. Tropez, and a bunch of other cities. My wife and I just had our first child which has been one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever been through, but so beautiful as well. I’m very happy to be home and working on music, finishing a bunch of collaborations and projects I’m super excited about. I just recently started my new residency at Club Space in Miami. That is truly a dream come true. Growing up in Miami and having partied there so many times with friends, some of my best memories are in that room. To be able to call myself a resident of – in my opinion – the best club in the world is truly special.

You’re about to debut on BLOND:ISH’s ‘ABRA X’ imprint with your collaborative single ‘AIO’, tell us about the track and how the partnership came about?

It’s a special track that we are both really excited about. I’m just really happy to be back releasing with BLOND:ISH again, it is our 3rd release together. And what better way than on her brand new label ABRA X – which is a sub label of Abracadabra. We have been working together on many things for a couple of years now. I always send her all my music and ideas first, as I really admire her taste in music. This project started off by just sending her Angel Dior’s original and talking about the possibilities of flipping it into a big groover. It took us about 9 months between touring and back & forth sessions to finally finish it and we’re super excited for it to come out next week on September 15th.

You have also released on her Abracadabra label a few times in the past, it must be great to have one of house music’s biggest artists support your music so strongly?

It’s something I definitely don’t take for granted. I’ve been lucky enough to develop a close friendship with her. I have been in this industry for quite some time and have met a lot of artists, BLOND:ISH is truly one of the best people I’ve ever had the opportunity to work alongside. Also, her trusting me with collaborations, A&R’ing a bit for the label side at times – it really means a lot.

And in 2023 alone you’ve put music out on Watergate Records, Nervous Records, and Get Physical Music, that’s quite the pace you’ve been keeping?

Yeah it’s been a great year for music. Honestly it’s just crazy as artists how we have so much music piled up over the year waiting for labels to sign and release them. Now it’s just like a domino effect with all of them just coming out one by one. It’s amazing to see all these tracks come out on some legendary labels that I grew up following for so long. I’m excited about these coming releases, collab’s with BLOND:ISH, Hugel, MAZ(BR), and some other special labels I’m looking forward to announcing soon.

What advice would you give to any smaller acts that want to get their music on these big labels?

Don’t hold on to tracks waiting for the perfect dream label. Start small, do your research to find which labels are releasing your sound. Try to connect with the label & artists releasing on the label and that are in your lane. Networking is everything. And the first label that shows interest in wanting to sign your track is usually the one you’ll end up releasing with eventually. Don’t waste a track, release your music. Get it out there, eventually if the music is good enough, the label you’ve always wanted or labels like it will find you or your music will be better received by them.

And which other labels can we expect to see you on during the remainder of 2023?

ABRA X, Insomniac, and Club Bad are some. And a very special one which I can’t announce yet.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we finish up?

I appreciate the time and sit down with you guys to talk about everything. Hopefully I will be rolling out this new project my team & I have been working on for the last 6 months that we’re really excited about. Something we’re going to be launching in 2024 that is going to be amazing for myself and my platform but more importantly it will be great for all up & coming artists from around the world as well.

Maloné & BLOND:ISH – AIO is out September 15th on ABRA X.