Interview: Markus Suckut

Releases for labels like Radio Slave’s Rekids and Pan-Pot’s Second State have given German techno producer Markus Suckut a platform to reach the upper echelon of Europe’s club scene.

Suckut has used the hype to return to his own SCKT imprint, a label that has released exclusively his own music so far. The new releases will introduce the Portals Series.

We had a chat with him about his success, what’s to come for SCKT and what exactly the Portal Series is. Grab the full discussion below.

How are things in the life of Markus Suckut at the moment?

All good, busy with the daily life and I spend every free minute with music.

You’re about to return to your own SCKT label with a new two track EP, tell us about the production process on this one?

The track Infinity happened exactly one year after my mother passed away, I was laying in my girlfriends bed and wrote the main loop completely on my MacBook within 20 minutes, something magic happened there! Later that day I drove in my studio to arrange it, so it was finished within a few hours. The second track called Portal I don’t remember to be honest.

And can you explain the Portals concept, how will it differ from your previous tracks?

Well the idea with the Portal Series is to release more hypnotic kind of tracks, which need time to develop in your mind and on the dance floor. So I always just release two tracks, one on each side, to get the maximum sound quality on vinyl.

Will SCKT host your own productions exclusively or will you be welcoming other producers to the roster?

I get a lot of nice demos sent to be honest, but SCKT will always stay exclusively for my own productions. That was the idea from the beginning.

Rekids and Second State are among other labels you have released with, are you planning to add any imprints to the list?

Rekids I’ve released three EP’s, my third LP and a remix for Radio Slave so far. On Second State I’ve released a remix for Michael Klein. For the future I will try to focus more on my own and if I’m gonna release somewhere else, it must be a good relationship between us, like with the guys from made of Concrete where I will release an EP later this year.

What about gigs? Anything in the pipeline that you’re extra excited about?

I’m always excited about every gig, every gig is special somehow – can be in a good or bad way.

Thanks a lot for chatting to us, we hope the new release goes well, before we go, tell us your favourite track from summer 2019?

Thank you for having me! Well, I haven’t got one special track but I listened to a lot of psychedelic rock this summer.

Markus Suckut – Portal (Pt.1) is coming soon on SCKT. Pre-order now.