Interview: Mia Mendi

Mia Mendi are primarily known as being a popular YouTube tastemaker, where their uploads have been enjoyed almost 80,000,000 times.

Though behind the curation, is an emerging DJ and production duo who have previously released tracks on labels like Stil Vor Talent and Parquet Recordings.

The next outing from the pair finds them not only collaborate with Thomas Gandey, but also launch their new imprint, Hydera.

We caught up with them both to ask about the launch of the new label, who we might expect to see release with them soon, how they came to work with Gandey and more. Get the full discussion below.

Your new collaboration with Thomas Gandey on Hydera, how did you and Thomas come to work together?

We first started talking when Tom’s track Arcadium dropped on Ritter Butzke, we loved the release and wanted to upload it to our YouTube channel. Gandey had heard our Stil vor Talent EP that was published around the same time and let us know he was feeling it – so seeing what we could whip up and produce together was a logical progression from that point. Ever since then we’ve gotten along like a house on fire, he’s not only been an incredible mentor to us but he’s become a close friend too.

Alongside the original, the EP also includes remixes from Santiago Garcia and Baime, what did you think of the remixes when they first came back?

We liked the breakbeat approach Santiago took as we new the Innervisions crew would love pushing that sound, the addition of low sustained notes really put a new progression behind the main melody. Baime asked for our thoughts on their interpretation but they pretty much nailed it from the get-go and the only thing added in the final version was a little more percussion for extra groove.

Hydera is your own label, and this is the first release, what vision do you have for the label long term?

We describe the concept of the label as a ‘neo-digital cult’. The aesthetics are based on subjects such as alchemy, power, chemicals of the brain and member initiations, all fused together with raw futurism as a recurring motif. We want to take this style forward when planning label nights, transforming clubs to reflect the look of the label and letting people really feel like they’re a part of something.

And what can you tell us about who we might expect to see on the label in the coming months?

Plenty more from ourselves and Thomas Gandey, there will be a remix from Alex Medina on the next release and we just signed something special from a friend’s new alias.

In the past you’ve also released on Stil Vor Talent and Parquet Recordings, are there any labels you hope to add to that list in the future?

We have a couple of exciting new labels coming up that we’ve signed to but need to keep under wraps for now, however we’re mainly focusing on Hydera as it gives us the freedom to do as we please.

And what’s your favourite label right now?

Tricky to choose just one, there’s some great stuff coming out on Sum Over Histories, we’ve been enjoying all the WhoMadeWho releases on Kompakt and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens next with Denis Horvat’s label Vokabularium.

2020 has no doubt been a difficult year for everyone, what’s one album or EP that has had your back during the whole pandemic?

All parts of Weightless by the ambient collective Marconi Union will forever be the perfect remedy for times of chaos and anxiety.

Mia Mendi & Thomas Gandey’s Cultum EP is out now on Hydera.