Olivier Weiter explains the concept behind his WEITER imprint

Olivier Weiter continues to impress the masses as one of Amsterdam’s top house and techno selectors of the past few years. Alongside his own WEITER label and radio show, the Dutchman has put his music on labels like Einmusika, Filth On Acid and Jannowitz Records, and with much success.

We caught up with Olivier to discuss the inspiration behind his growing label, how he prepares for the radio show and what he might have coming out of his own studio in the next few months, among other things. Find the full interview below.

Hey Olivier, how are things? Enjoying the Dutch summer?

I’m doing fine, thanks! Definitely enjoying the Dutch summer. Vibing my way through the festivals at the moment. Sadly enough there was one festival cancelled because of heavy winds, but overall the weather seems to be on our side this season!

Let’s start off by discussing your label, WEITER, what’s the concept behind it?

Having the freedom to release my own music whenever I want, without any restrictions, and providing a platform for producers I really believe in. I receive a lot of music, often unreleased material. With the label, I have the opportunity to bring those tracks under the attention. It’s a reflection of the sound I want to transmit at that moment.

And so far you’ve released music from Ramon Tapia, Eelke Kleijn and Rafael Cerato, do you approach someone if you like their music? Do they send you demos? How’s it typically work?

That always works in a different way. Sometimes I compile an EP based on demo tracks that I receive. When it comes to remixes I mostly approach artists myself to check what’s possible. But I also get in touch with producers after playing a certain track in my radio show or during a gig. They often have more material which I can test out, which sometimes result in a release on the label.

And who can we expect on the label in the coming months? Any new names?

Last week Mees Salome and Esoteric Circle both made their debut on the label with stunning remixes for my track Toyger. There’s an EP coming up from greek duo Dizharmonia, including a remix from Strinner and me. Both are debuting on the label also. Later this year Alex Preda will return with an EP together with Tom Zeta.

As a solo artist you’ve released on a few big labels yourself, including Filth On Acid and Einmusika, do you have any new stuff in the pipeline that you can tell us about?

I’m currently busy with a new EP on WEITER and a remix for Dizharmonia which will be out late September. And next to this, I’m putting together some tracks to send out to a label which I can’t tell too much about yet.

The WEITER Radio Series is pretty impressive, tell us about that?

Thanks! WEITER Radio is a monthly one hour mix filled with my personal favourite tracks at the moment. The show includes track ID’s from recently played sets, upcoming releases on WEITER and often unreleased material. I’m also announcing premieres and talk a bit about the track selection. Even if it’s only a one hour mix, I’ll dive a bit deeper into my music collection to create a story every episode. I can share my thoughts about artists that I find interesting, labels who are worth following, and upcoming events. It’s a nice way to give things a more personal touch with the radio show.

Do you host guests or handle the shows exclusively yourself?

The show will be broadcast on SLAM! (A dutch FM Radio station) every Saturday night from 05.00-06.00, so I will definitely use this opportunity to invite artists from the label for guest mixes!

Thanks a lot for talking to us, before we go, what’s the one track you feel sums up your career best?

Your welcome, it was my pleasure! I must admit this question is a tough one. I would say Funk D’Void vs. Chicco Secci ‎- Emotional Content (Funk D’ Void Remix).

This track brings me back to where it all started for me. Sven Vath played this one as a closing track, many years ago. Sven was my trigger. He is the one that inspired me from the very beginning. And this track reminds me of that period in my life, which was a very important one if I look back to it.

Olivier Weiter’s Toyger EP is out now on WEITER.