Orlando Voorn drops eclectic 'I Know' EP on Elypsia Records

Very much a veteran of his craft, Dutch DJ and producer Orlando Voorn has placed #1 in a DMC world championshop, released on labels like Rush Hour, KMS and Out-Er, and worked with guys like Juan Atkins and Chocolate Puma.

Now putting his stamp on the catalogue of Elypsia Records, an imprint with previous appearances from the likes of Stacey Pullen, DJ T-1000 and Mark Flash, Voorn delivers a four tracker which is now out both digitally and on vinyl.

The player opens with Lucien Foort’s edit, a thumping house track with chopped up vocals and panning synth lines, on the other end of the remixes, Bit Float takes the original out of the underground with more radio-friendly production values.

Voorn’s two original mixes come titled UK Mix and Techno Mix, the Techno Mix features revolving drum grooves and soulful vocal hooks while the UK Mix is a heavily filtered melting pot with a glistening ambience pouring out of it.

Orlando Voorn’s I Know EP is out now on Elypsia Records. Stream all four tracks below.