Interview: Parsec

The latest productions to come from London based artist Parsec arrive in the form of his brand new Addiction EP, which just landed on Rawstreet.

The house-heavy triple pack adds to a catalogue that already includes Rendr Records, hedZup Records, Kootz and Whoyostro, and without doubt furthers his position amongst emerging UK talents.

Speaking with him recently, we got to ask about how the tracks came together in the studio, why the release doesn’t include any remixes, what he has coming in the near future and how he feels about getting back in the DJ booth post-COVID.

Your new Addiction EP just dropped on Rawstreet, tell us about the tracks? What is the inspiration behind them?

I feel the Addiction EP is the mark of a new sound in a way. The lead track is a bouncy minimal house style I always like to make, but Autonoe and Zipp reflect a more deeper sound which you’ll hear a lot more from me going forward. With both tracks I wanted to capture a slightly darker mood whilst still having that club groove to keep the dance floor moving.

And it includes 3 original tracks, why no remixes this time around?

The 3 originals were chosen by the guys behind the label and we were all happy with no remixer this time round!

You have also released with hedZup, Whoyostro and Rendr, what do you look for in a label when considering them for a release?

All great labels! I think genre is obviously a first; the sound has to fit the label so I focus my time and energy on the labels releasing the music I would play and support. Professionalism is a big must for me, I look at how the labels run promotions and how they support the artists they work with. It’s always important for a good honest rapport between label and artist for the release to do well.

And can you tell us anything about which labels you’ll be releasing with in the near future?

Yes, I have an EP coming in July on TBX Records which will have 3 originals again. I also have an EP coming on Kina Music (ITA) this year which is being remixed by an artist who’s making some great music at the moment. My second EP on my own imprint INTER Records will be landing in August to mark the one year anniversary which I’m also really looking forward to sharing. Expect a few VA releases and remixes as well for the second half of the year.

With lockdown now easing in most countries, and summer coming to Europe and the UK, things are starting to feel somewhat normal, but how have you been keeping busy during quarantine?

I have been at home the whole time, so lots of music has been made! I’m just looking forward to getting out and road testing it all.

How much do you miss DJing?

Words can’t describe!

What’s the thing you’re looking forward to most about playing in clubs and touring?

The main thing is the culture of each different city/club and place I’m going to visit! There’s definitely something special about the lead up to a night you’ve never played as an artist. I’m always excited to see what the energy is like in places I haven’t been to before.

And something you’re not looking forward to?

At the moment there’s nothing! I’m just keen to start playing again.

Lastly, before we go, tell us your favourite album, or EP from 2020 so far?

My favourite EP of 2020 would have to be Nolga’s Aesthetic06. 4 amazing cuts that I’m always including in my sets.

Parsec’s Addiction EP is out now on Rawstreet.