Interview: Patrik Berg

Patrik Berg’s previous releases on labels like Christian Smith’s Tronic, Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid and Carl Cox’ Intec have placed him high on the list of Germany’s emerging electronic music producers.

The Cologne-based artist returns to Monika Kruse and her Terminal M imprint for his next outing, as his Live Forever EP brings two new originals alongside an impressive remix from Kruse herself.

Speaking with Patrik recently, we discussed the new tracks, what plans he might have for the near future, how his formal education in music influences his studio sessions and what he’s been up to during quarantine. Get the full discussion below.

You’re about to release your Like Forever EP on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M label, tell us about the tracks in your own words?

Like forever is a track I produced on a very stressful day. I was in a rush and initially didn’t feel like making music, in order to get in the right headspace I meditated and immediately after the lyrics popped into my head. I wrote everything down and recorded it, using it as a basis for the track and went from there.

Sound wise I would say Like Forever is a somewhat convoluted track with a massive kick drum and a kind of detuned but catchy melody. Hope is the first track I finished during lockdown. Therefore, with its name, I wanted to make something that encapsulates a feeling of positivity while still being hypnotic and able to work well on the dancefloor.

It also includes a remix from Monika herself, what did you think of her edit when she first sent it back?

I was really happy with it since she kept the track as it is melodically, and just created a different groove through her drums and arrangement.

Other labels in your catalogue include Tronic, Filth On Acid and Intec, what kind of things do you look for in a label when considering them for a release?

It‘s not about status or success but the overall artistic vision of the label and whether I personally enjoy the artists that are signed to it. Apart from that, it’s important to have a good line of communication, reliable partners and expertise.

And what can you tell us about which labels we might see you on in the near future?

That’s a difficult question due to the non-disclosure clause in most contracts nowadays. Of course, on my home label Terminal M, as well as a very special release which I unfortunately can’t talk about just yet, but the info will be out shortly.

You have a degree in audio engineering, how important do you think formal education is when it comes to producing dance music?

I think it’s a decent foundation but definitely not a must, in the end having musical intuition is more important than knowing the technicalities and there have been plenty of amazing musicians, producers and artists without a formal education or degree.

2020 has been a really weird year, in a bunch of different ways, what have you been up to while clubs have been closed?

Refining my production skills further, spending time with my family and trying to take care of myself.

And how much are you looking forward to playing to a busy dancefloor again?

Words can’t describe how much I’m missing the direct connection with the crowd and the opportunity to play new material for them. So yes, I can’t wait to play again regularly.

Thanks a lot for taking some time out to chat to us, before we go, what’s been your favourite EP from this year so far?

Thanks for having me! One of my favourite releases this year was MC Conrad vs Pig&Dan – Still You Want More. I just love the fusion of drum&bass, techno and hiphop seamlessly put together. Even though I’m not a big hiphop fan I love MC Conrad’s performance, flow and the overall energy he brings to the track.

Patrik Berg’s Like Forever EP arrives August 31st on Terminal M.