Interview: Phillipi

Brazilian DJ & producer Phillipi makes another appearance on the Soulwax/2manydjs owned DEEWEE imprint – for the release of his latest ‘Terra Gira’ EP.

We caught up with the Sao Paulo native to discuss the 3-track release, how his relationship with DEEWEE has developed over the years, and what else he might have coming in 2024.

Hi Phillipi, tell us what you have been up to recently?

Hey guys, all good here. 2024 started with loads of things going on actually! I was in Bahia for NYE, back in Sao Paulo I had my residency for Reverso with Digitalism and OsGemeos. Joe Goddard made a remix for my Fatnotronic project and I was really happy to release my new ‘Terra Gira’ EP On DEEWEE at the end of last year.

I’m now getting ready to do a little winter tour in February across some European cities, and this includes supporting Soulwax on February 4th at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels! Also DEEWEE & Horst Club are putting on a night together with me, 2manydjs, Marie Davidson, Asa Moto, and PIM on February 24th. So a very busy start to the year.

You mentioned your ‘Terra Gira’ EP for DEEWEE, how did the tracks come together in the studio?

I’ve been going over to Belgium to the DEEWEE studio a lot. I actually started ‘Hacido’ in the summer of 2022 during a tour and then came back during the summer of 2023 to do ‘Tensao’, ‘Todo Dia’ and finish off ‘Hacido’. It’s really fun and inspiring working at DEEWEE, it feels like my second home, you can’t imagine how crazy it is to play with all the synthesizers they have in their studio, the work flow is perfect and I get the chance to work with S&D (Soulwax) in the studio.

You’ve released on the label quite a few times now, how has your relationship with Soulwax and the DEEWEE team developed over the years?

It’s developed really well, we have been friends for a long time. I’ve travelled to DEEWEE every year since then the label began in 2015 – besides the pandemic years.

It’s really cool to work with people that you admire and at the same time are friends with. I was counting and I now have 8 releases on DEEWEE, including the Phillipi & Rodrigo project.

What else can we expect to hear from you in the near future?

I have 3 other projects going on at the same time, Fatnotronic, Ubaruh, and Phillipi & Rodrigo. On the Fatnotronic side, Joe Goddard from Hot Chip just did a remix of ‘É Bafo’, which was released last Friday on Boston Bun’s Circa’99 Records.

For Ubaruh, we will release our ‘Onda Frisson’ EP on Cocada Records from Rio de Janeiro with remixes by Yuksek and Xique-Xique.

With Phillipi & Rodrigo, we are working on a new album – that’s all I can say for now. On my solo side, I will be working again at DEEWEE during the winter tour in February and will come up with something new for sure.

And what goals have you set yourself for 2024?

Hopefully finish off the new album from Phillipi & Rodrigo and to continue what I do with touring and releasing music under my different aliases.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Buy records, support artists.

Phillipi – Terra Gira EP is out now on DEEWEE.