Piem talks about his new EPs for Superfett and Relief

Tracks on imprints like Glasgow Underground, Knee Deep In Sound, Cr2 Records and Armada Subjekt have cemented Barcelona born house talent Piem’s place among the current generation of elite selectors.

In the past few weeks alone, the Spaniard has released with Nhan Solo’s Superfett Records and Green Velvet’s Relief Records, and we had a chance to catch up with him to discuss the new EPs, as well as how he’ll be spending his time when winter comes, his most memorable gigs from summer 2019 and more.

Good day Piem! How are you? Enjoying the last bit of summer before things start to cool down?

I’m fine, thanks! The truth is, I haven’t stopped during this summer. I’m definitely not complaining but now in September everything has calmed down and it’s nice to have free time to get back to making music.

What gigs stood out for you this summer? Anything you’ll be remembering for a long time?

I did my first tour in Chile and Colombia, it was an amazing experience. The reception was awesome and it’ll stay with me for a while. I also did my first gigs at Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos and Amnesia in Ibiza – those were good too. There’s still plenty of places I want to play though.

You just put EPs out with Superfett Records and Relief Records, what’s the concept behind both?

The release on Superfett its something maybe more personal, and the initial idea was for it to be something I could play in some of my gigs. I tried something different and in the end it’s paid off because I’m now releasing it. Relief for me was something more as the follow up from my first release with Mauro last April, they are more in the style I’m used to producing right now.

And how did you get talking with Nhan Solo and Green Velvet?

It’s all a process and really the one and only one if you don’t have people helping you. You get your head down, work hard, try to find the right email. You make music and in time you’re finding out what they like and then sending more that they might like. Once you sign, then the rest is more organic.

As we mentioned, summer is coming to an end and the pool parties and open air stages will be changing to warehouse raves and nightclubs, do you approach a set any differently depending on the season or weather?

Usually I always try to play fresh stuff, so I don’t really care about the season or the weather. Who cares where you are, what time it is or whether it rains if you’re having a good time? I play to this.

And how about in the studio? Do you find yourself making more music when the colder nights come around?

This is the only time the weather matters, definitely yes. I always want to spend more time in the studio when it is cold, I don’t want to go out. Living in Barcelona and having the beach so close is the biggest distraction when it comes to finding time in the summer.

Can you talk about anything you have in the pipeline right now? An exciting release you’ll be announcing soon maybe?

It’s an exciting time for me, I have lots of new music coming out. Mother Recordings, Crosstown Rebels, Repopulate Mars and Desert Hearts, some of the releases I have already scheduled and some others I will be able to announce very soon. I also have a couple tours before the end of this year, so there’s lots of exciting things on the way!

Piem’s Paradiso EP and Morrysom EP are out now on Superfett and Relief.