PROPE talks us through the return to their OGASM label for 'Void EP'

Belgian duo PROPE will once again make a return to their OGASM label this month for the release of their forthcoming Void EP. The four track record is the fifth release for both PROPE and OGASM, with the label releasing all of their productions to date.

We spoke to the two to find out about the release, how they came to work with Echo Collective on two of the tracks and what they might have in the pipeline. Keep reading for the full discussion.

PROPE! How are things in Belgium?

Pretty good, we are just finishing up a hot summer here, and things are on the up and well for us here.

You are about to return to your own label, OGASM, tell us about your Void EP?

In fact, we started working on the title track ‘Void’ one year ago. We have reworked it several times and finally, we found that it would be a good idea to add some chords and strings to the production, to get an organic feeling. We also did another version, more ambient and deep, to showcase the chords and melodic part, and go out of the classical techno mood.

Then, to open the field of the EP, we have produced ‘Neve’ and ‘Backslider’. These ones both have a more club style identity, and maybe more in line with the sound of tracks we have produced before.

Two of the four tracks feature work from Echo Collective, how did you come to work with those guys?

Pierre works with them as sound engineer in studios for projects with !K7, Mute, Ninja Tune. So, when we were thinking about working with a classical ensemble, we proposed it naturally to Neil Leiter from Echo, and he was enthusiastic to collaborate.

And we hear you’re formerly classical musicians? What prompted the move to electronic music?

We are not formerly classical musicians. But one of our desires with this project is to open and merge influences from classical productions in our music. With the visual aspect, we collaborated with the artist Aline Bouvy. We had the same approach for the music video for ‘Void’, working with the director Damien Chapelle.

The label title, OGASM, is it an abbreviation?

With this title, everybody can interpret it the way he wants, depending his/her degree of vice.

So far Matchy, Dusty Kid, Seb Legrand and Alune Wade have released with you, who else is coming on OGASM?

We are planning new collaborations on new tracks and remixes, with artists from different horizons, getting away from more typical techno artists you’d expect, to those more experimental with ambient, electronica sounds. In the same way, it’s also time for the label to open itself to projects not related directly to PROPE, more of that to come by the end of the year.

Before we go, thanks for taking the time to speak with us, and give us one tune that hits the spot for you, no matter how many times you’ve heard it?

We never get enough of ‘Pig & Dan – The Earth’. Every time we hear it, we get the same kick.

PROPE’s Void EP is out October 12th on their OGASM label. Pre-order it here.

Stream ‘Another Void’ from the EP below.