Interview: Psycho Weazel

Switzerland-based double act Psycho Weasel have brought their studio productions to imprints such as Sol Eterno and Dunkelheit, and most recently debuted on A Table with an original track that comes in at almost 10 minutes long.

Alongside the boys original title track, the Adeus Vida De Merda EP also includes three impressive remixes in the form of edits from Hanzo & Yaman, Ivan Prik and Daniel Weil.

We spoke with the pair about the new EP, what they think of the remixes, which labels they could be releasing on soon and what they think about the Swiss club scene.

Let’s chat about your new track Adeus Vida De Merda, what is the inspiration about this one?

The inspiration behind Adeus Vida De Merda is wide. We wanted to talk about hope. To excel in something it’s always a long journey. To have a better life, we have to work and to struggle. We both think that when it’s easy, it’s not fun. Music is a creative way to say goodbye to a shitty life and take charge to going ahead.

The release also includes remixes from Hanzo & Yaman, Ivan Prik and Daniel Weil, what was your reaction upon receiving the final edits back?

We were very happy! These interpretations of the original track are great and consistent regarding the artistic vision of our label. The one of Hanzo & Yaman has that tiny spicy thing, the one of Daniel Weil has that 80’s inspiration and the one of Ivan Prik is a big room banger.

We noticed your original version is almost ten minutes long, was that intentional from the start?

As we said, all progress is a journey. Most of the time it’s a long journey. We wanted to create something hypnotic, original and punchy.

Among your other releases, you have tracks on Sol Eternal and Dunkelheit, are there any particular labels you hope to release on in the future?

Of course, there’s a lot of labels which we want to release on. There’s some tiny independant label such as Ombra Intl., Hard Fist or Calypso. If we are talking about big stuff, Correspondant or Kompakt are some.

And you’re from Switzerland, what’s special about your countries scene that makes it stand out?

Switzerland is a small country, everybody knows each other in the music industry. Even more in a niche sector. In Switzerland we have a lot of electronic festivals in relation to the area. People love to be booked there, but for a Swiss duet like us, we love to be booked elsewhere. It’s pretty difficult to get a gig in another country. But music is a journey. Work and patience are the key (shoutout to Braunbeck).

As a duo, how do your studio sessions typically go? Do you go in the studio together or work alone?

We always create music, alone or together. We have a lot of projects with theatres and things like that so we have to create if we don’t want to be in a rush for deadlines. Even if we work alone sometimes, we always manage to work together on the finale version of what we do.

Lastly, what are your goals for 2020?

Our goals are to always make it with a smile, to keep our passion and to make people dance, think, smile or cry (but with the good teardrops).