Q&A: Black Girl / White Girl

Tel Aviv natives, now based in Amsterdam, female house duo Black Girl / White Girl have taken massive leaps across the board so far in 2018. Having recently dropped their Space Cookies EP on Green Velvet’s Relief that has seen support from a ton of big names, we caught up with the girls to chat about how happy they are with the record and what they have planned for the future.

Hey girls, thanks for taking the time to chat, how are things?

Hey there guys! We’re doing pretty great, thanks for asking. We’re healthy, surrounded by love, and creativity is flowing. So life is good!

You just put out a massive EP on Green Velvet’s Relief Records, how did you end up on the label?

Well it’s a funny story actually! Between September and December last year we made the first of a bunch of tracks we felt were really unique and representative of our new direction. With Relief being such an amazing and respected label, it was our first choice to send them off to. Green Velvet is an inspiration, he has always pushed new and exciting sounds so it was a no-brainer for us.

We’d sent him the music and a few weeks later we got a direct message on Twitter saying that he’d love to sign the tracks. As it turns out, he had tried to email us before but his messages never arrived. As you can understand, we are so thankful to him for persevering or maybe we wouldn’t have even ended up on Relief at all!

And how has the support been from DJs?

It has been insane. But for us, to see our inspiration play our music week after week and loving our sound. That is just priceless and means the world to us. We’re talking about Green Velvet of course, if that wasn’t obvious. Other DJs playing the tunes are Wade, Hector Couto, Jamie Jones, Jey Kurmis, Mat.Joe, Sirus Hood, and of course, Detlef & Latmun.

We’ve gotten countless messages from people seeing Detlef & Latmun drop ‘Loopholez’ during their recent world tour, some of them would even send us videos they’d recorded of the crowd completely flipping their shit – it was awesome! We’re extremely thankful for the support.

Do you have much in the planner for the rest of 2018, release wise?

We definitely have a lot of exciting news to announce. Be sure to keep an eye out on our socials, as it’s just a matter of time before we let it all out.

Any talk of a Black Girl / White Girl album?

Not at all, we would much rather create 2-3 track EPs. At this point in our career we feel it’s essential to reach new people. The best way to do that, is by spreading our music across quality underground labels. That, and to create without limitations, which can be problematic when you’re constructing an album, as there always needs to be some type of cohesion or dominant theme.

Having said that, we also feel 100% more attracted to nonconformity and chaos, and it’s something you’ve probably picked up on listening to our tunes.

You both come from Tel Aviv, a city where the dance music scene is still finding its feet, was it a struggle when starting out there?

Yes and no. We knew from the get-go that it wasn’t our style/scene, so we’ve always had our sights set on Europe and the UK.

The underground scene in Tel Aviv isn’t as vast and diversified as we would like it to be so we just focused on studio time instead, working hard on shaping and defining our sound, giving it the opportunity to evolve and mature. Looking back, that really turned out to be the best decision we’d ever made.

And Amsterdam is now home, how did you find the transition to Europe?

Pretty easy, Amsterdam has always been our real home. We’ve mostly been in between cities throughout our career so it’s always been kinda like riding a bike, you know?

Got many parties planned for the summer months?

We are working hard behind the scenes to make it all happen. Believe us when we say, we can’t wait to rave and cheer with all you beautiful people around the world!

That’s awesome, before we go, give us one tune that is killing it for you at the moment?

It’s a tune we can’t ID and it goes something like this: “I’ve gotta do, gotta do, what I do cause I do it for you”. If you’re reading this and can ID it pls get in touch, lol. Thanks guys!

Black Girl / White Girl’s Space Cookies EP is out now on Relief, grab it here.