Q&A: Matchy talks releasing with Stil Vor Talent, Lauter Unfug and Somatic

We got a chance to catch up with Berlin based DJ and producer Matchy. His music has landed on Katermukke, Suara, Bar 25, Glasgow Undeground and Stil Vor Talent among other labels.

Read on to hear what he has to say about his forthcoming releases for Somatic and Lauter Unfug, what 2018 might bring and which one of his productions you should check out!

Hey Matchy, thanks for taking some time to chat, how are you?

I’m fine thanks. Hope you are too. I’m really happy it’s getting a little bit warmer and sunny in Germany right now. Can’t wait for the open air season to begin.

You just put out a collaboration with Stereo Express and Bott on Stil Vor Talent titled ‘Savanah’, how did the track come to fruition?

The track is doing pretty well right now and is still in the Beatport Afrohouse Top 10. Actually my first EP was released on Stereo Express’s label Love Matters with a remix from Klangkuenstler, that’s how we got in contact. Besides I did another track with Chris (Stereo Express) called ‘Mantra’, which will be out in stores soon as well.

And you’re so busy in the studio you have another two releases coming up, ‘I Am’ for Lauter Unfug and ‘Exodus’ on Somatic, tell us about those?

‘I Am’ is a progressive house title done for the 5 years Lauter Unfug Compilation. I’m really happy about the great feedback from Animal Trainer and Be Svendsen.

The Exodus EP comes with two tracks called ‘Hail & Fire’ and ‘3 days of Darkness’, drawing a connection to the plagues of Egypt. Melodic house and techno – but these are definitely more “technoish” with 126 and 125 bpm than most of my productions. Looking forward to the release, ‘Hail & Fire’ is a real dancefloor weapon, approved in the last couple of weeks.

You’ve now put music out on Suara, Katermukke and of course Stil Vor Talent, what is your approach to sending out demos or trying to grab the attention of labels?

On the one hand, although having released on these well-known labels, I also sometimes don’t get replies from labels.. or let’s say it like this, they just don’t listen to the demos. On the other hand some other labels email me and ask for tracks. It’s definitely tricky. I’m really thankful for the “base” of labels built up over the last couple of years, where I can release on a regular basis. I guess production skills, the ability to endure blows and a good portion of luck are all factors that come into play.

Apart from the forthcoming releases we mentioned, what else do you have in store for 2018?

My ‘Arc Ocean’ EP will be released on Click Records soon and another EP on Moonbootica’s label Moonbootique. I also did a track with my buddies Lunar Plane for Steyoyoke and another EP with Beatamines for Somatic. Working on new tracks for Katermukke and Stil vor Talent too, so a lot of new stuff coming up soon.

And let’s close things up by you telling us one track we should listen to after reading this interview?

A little difficult to find as it’s unreleased but will be on a new EP on Lauter Unfug this year and most likely be called ‘Last Track’. I just played a one hour set for Pioneer Dj with own productions only, which can be found on my SoundCloud – It’s actually the last track of the mix.

For me personally one of the strongest, most emotional, suspenseful and timeless productions I did in the last couple of months – packed with a lot of synths, strings and driving drums, giving you the possibility to close your eyes and loose yourself in the music. When I tested the track in the club the crowd’s reaction was simply overwhelming, still gives me goosebumps every time.

Matchy’s Exodus EP is out April 9 on Somatic Records.