Interview: Redux Saints

American DJ, producer, and label boss Redux Saints has previously dropped tracks on record labels like Toolroom Records, Freakin909, and Farris Wheel Recordings, alongside running his own imprint in Deep Tech Los Angeles Records.

His latest ‘In Need’ EP comes on his own label, as a 2-track release in collaboration with Dutch artist DiVine. Bringing both an original version and a club mix, the EP caters to both home listeners and people on the dancefloor.

We caught up with the L.A. based artist to chat about his new EP, what else we might expect to hear from him in the near future, and how he’s found running a record label so far. Read the full interview with Redux Saints below.

Hi Jason, we hope you’re keeping well over in L.A. at the moment?

I’m doing well. I’ve been very busy managing Deep Tech Los Angeles Records and its branded events alongside DJing and producing for my two monikers Redux Saints and Placebo eFx. And I’m currently prepping for multiple events taking place in Chicago this upcoming weekend.

You recently released your new collaborative production ‘In Need’, how would you describe the original track in your own words?

‘In Need’ brings together energetic pianos chords, tech house grooves, thick heavy basslines, and anthemic vocal additions, culminating in an exhilarating big room piano house banger.

The release is in collaboration with Dutch artist DiVine, how did that partnership come about?

I had previously produced a piano house track with DiVine and Killed Kassette called ‘Be The Light’ on Let There Be House and I fell in love with her strong vocals.

DiVine was my first choice for who I wanted to sing on this record as her soulful house vocals are the kind of hooks I like to use in my Redux Saints productions.

It’s a 2-track EP which includes an original and a club mix, how do the two versions differ from one another?

The club mix is produced with less vocals. The track is intentionally arranged to be shorter than the extended version as well. Basically, making it a bit more club friendly for DJs to mix in and out of versus the full extended mix which has full verses and hook.

You’ve released it on your own Deep Tech Los Angeles imprint, how have you found the experience in running a record label so far?

I love running my own label as it allows the freedom for me to be myself and produce the music I want to produce.

I will be honest; I don’t have the patience to wait months for a bigger label to respond and don’t ever want my progress to be held up in the label “waiting game”. This could be a reason in why it’s taking longer for my career to really take off but I think I’ll be in a better position in the long run.

I am not trying to copy any sound out there, I’m going with what comes to me in my artistic creative process and my label provides the vehicle to release and produce what I want, when I want.

And who else might we expect to see on DTLA in the coming months?

Right now I’m working through A&R for 2024, so I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet.

You’ve also signed music with Toolroom, Farris Wheel, CR2, and Freakin909 to name a few, where else will we see you release in the near future?

I’m really focused on growing the Deep Tech Los Angeles Records brand, so when I produce, I’ll submit to a few major labels and if they don’t bite quickly, I just release on my own label.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Deep Tech Los Angeles Records is teaming up with Purple Tea Records for an ADE label showcase on October 20th. I’m super excited to have D.Ramirez and DiVine join Redux Saints and Placebo eFx on the lineup.

Redux Saints & DiVine – In Need EP is out now on Deep Tech Los Angeles.