Interview: Rich Nxt

For the past ten years, the FUSE label and party brand has been an important piece of London’s dance music culture, and Rich NxT has been an essential part of that success.

This month he returns to the label side of things to release two collaborations with Enzo Siragusa on his Decade Of Rave Vol.2 VA. The seven track release also includes tracks from Archie Hamilton, Seb Zito and Rossko.

We had a chance to chat with Rich about the his contribution to the release, his fondest memories from being part of the FUSE team, and what the future looks like for him in terms of both releases and gigs. Grab the full discussion below.

Hello Rich! How’s it going? Did you have a good summer?

Yes thanks, it’s going well. It’s been a good summer too. I’ve played some exciting shows and festivals as well as spent good holiday time in Italy and Ibiza. I also finished my new studio in June and have been loving working from there.

You have two collaborations with Enzo Siragusa for his FUSE Decade Of Rave Volume.2 album, how did the process work in the studio between the two of you?

We’ve done a fair few studio sessions over the past couple of years so these two tracks are really a culmination of a lot of projects and ideas. Enzo and I like to try different things and take turns at leading and listening, sharing whatever new tricks or sounds we’ve picked up recently. Eventually (and this is usually just when we are thinking to go home) we’ll stumble upon a groove that keeps us working into the night! We’ve also tried bouncing work around online now that I’m also touring more, and that works well too because we have the understanding of how the other likes to write.

And you have quite a history with FUSE, what are some of your fondest memories of the past decade?

Ahhh so many. Standing with an umbrella over the decks at an extremely sweaty FUSE in Shoreditch. Taking it to Australia. Seeing my friends music and DJ careers grow and blossom. Launching and releasing on the labels FUSE and Infuse, and sharing so many amazing raves with my wife who has also been part of the team for a number of years.

Party-wise, the time between October and February this year was amazing. We started with ADE with an incredible afterhour at Bret. Then in November we started the 10 years of FUSE celebrations at Studio 338, following straight on to our infamous return to 93 Feet East which was our first FUSE party there since 2012. Also taking part in the Mint Club closing too. They were really special events.

Do you think the two tracks sum up those memories?

Probably not! How do you sum up a decade worth of memories in two tracks?! We’ve played these tracks out so much in the past year and they’ve been received really well. FUSE continues to develop and re-invent and I am really grateful that our ravers always come with an open mind to enjoy this music.

Hot Creations, Moan and AVOTRE are a few of the labels you have also released with, who might be added to the list before 2019 is over?

I just sent off the pre-masters for my next EP on FUSE, which will come out around the time of the 11th birthday in November, East End Dubs follows up on his current ‘bRAVE’ anthem with remix, alongside my 2 originals. I have a few more remixes still to drop this year. One on Darius’s Moxy Music, one on Deeperfect and one also on the new label from my dear friends at SASH in Australia.

And what upcoming gigs are you most looking forward to?

Lots! Firstly we have SEB-tember, which I am renaming in honour of the 4 B2B’s that Seb and I wlll do this month at Cuttin Headz vs FUSE, Paradise, Mint Festival and BPM. In October we have an Infuse at Ibiza Underground and FUSE is back at ADE in October. I still have lots to announce in November and December too so keep up with my gigatools.

Thanks a bunch for chatting! Let’s close things out with your favourite track of the year so far?

I’ve really enjoyed playing out the latest What NxT release with the tracks from Cuartero, Aaran D and Antss. And outside of the club we’ve had plenty of singalongs to Stormzy’s ‘Crown’ in the car this summer.

A Decade Of Rave Vol.2 arrives September 27th on FUSE.