ROTW: Acid Pauli - MOD

For many years Martin Gretschmann has been one of the most impressive artists to come out of Europe, releasing his Acid Pauli productions on labels like Poker Flat, Katermukke, Pampa Records and Exploited, while also playing live for audiences on Cercle, Boiler Room and ARTE. Now releasing the third full length studio album under the Acid Pauli ‘guise, Gretschmann follows his Mst and BLD long players with MOD, a 9-track record that arrives on Ouie, an imprint launched by himself and Nico Stojan

ROTW: Acid Pauli - MOD

which boasts a catalogue that includes Stimming, Red Axes, Nu, Axel Boman and David Mayer. The MOD LP finds itself coming as one of the most unique albums of the year, with a firm focus on dub rhythms and clean cut melodic harmonies, it delivers an infectious, emotive and easy listening experience. It’s highly experimental nature combined with clear sound design and strong transients offers enormous soundscapes and a flood of broken rhythms. Martin has never been afraid to take risks during his studio sessions, and this project is a glowing example of that.

Where to start:
Intellijel Bell – Low hanging dub rhythms
Du Brecht, Ich Dub – Big low end soundscapes
No Kick, No Cry – Emotive, drumless and dreamy

Previous from Acid Pauli:
BLD LP (2017, Ouïe)
Mst LP (2012, Clown and Sunset)

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Acid Pauli’s MOD LP is out now on Ouie.