ROTW: Addison Groove - Fred Neutron

Bringing his first studio album since the 2014 release of the Presents James Grieve LP, Bristol’s own Addison Groove makes a bold statement for UK bass music through the release of his new 10-track long player Fred Neutron. As with everything that came before, this one is an eclectic melting pot of styles and influences, with Chicago juke and UK breaks firmly on display amongst scattered hints of techno, dubstep, electro and jungle, the finishing touch being Addison Groove’s attention to

ROTW: Addison Groove - Fred Neutron

detail when it comes to working with sampled vocals. Drum machines also play a major role, 808 kits scream loudly across a lot of the tracks, and through the combination of expert drum programming and strong sonic processing, not much else is really needed. Fred Neutron comes via DJ Die’s Gutterfunk imprint, a record label that previously has released works from Zed Bias and D Double E. It adds to Addison Groove’s impressive sonic resume which already boasts both Tempa and 50Weapons.

Where to start:
‘Brand New Drop’ – Percussion heavy bass thumper
‘Rele Dawomey’ – Big drums and tribalistic flute rhythms
‘Out Of Nowhere’ – Vocal chops and warm synth programming

Previous from Addison Groove:
Transistor Rhythm LP (2012, 50Weapons)
Presents James Grieve LP (2014, 50Weapons)

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Addison Groove’s Fred Neutron LP is out now on Gutterfunk.