ROTW: ALPHA 9 - New Horizons

Russian music producer Artem Stolyarov should need zero introduction to any self-respecting fans of trance and progressive. His work under the guise of ARTY has seen him chisel out his own quite significant corner in the melodic-leaning realm of club music. Tracks such as ‘Rebound’ and ‘Must Be The Love’ have become classics in the space, and in 2023 he still continues to push the envelope. His latest offering arrives in the form of the debut studio album from his ALPHA 9 moniker, a project which

ROTW: ALPHA 9 - New Horizons

has had an increased output since 2017, with releases coming via Flashover Recordings, Armada Music, and Anjunabeats. It’s the latter mentioned imprint which is also responsible for the release of ‘New Horizons’, having announced the album during his set at Above & Beyond’s ABGT500 event. At 14 tracks and a run time of around one hour, the album showcases the past, present, and future of Artem’s sound, and features an abundance of quality artists, including Scorz, Tom Bailey, Fractures, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Brandon Vendetta, Lorean, and Running Touch. It combines a plentiful array of lush melodies, spirit-lifting vocal harmonies, and punchy trance drums, which as whole delivers a well measured balance of raw, unrelenting dance music, and colourful, dreamlike soundscapes.

Where to start:
Calling: Big vocal-tinged progressive anthem
Down To Love: Uplifting vocal met with an energetic climax
Magic: Some of the best drum work on the album

Previous from ALPHA 9 / ARTY:
From Russia With Love LP (2020, Armada Music)
Glorious LP (2015, Interscope Records)

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ALPHA 9 – New Horizons LP is out now on Anjunabeats.