ROTW: Ame - Dream House

German electronic music duo Ame should need no introduction amongst sincere followers of dance music culture, but for those outside of this appreciative collective, they are Berlin based artists Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer, known for their intelligent live sets and for co-founding one of house and techno’s top labels, Innervisions. It’s on this label that the pair bring their first studio album since the 2004 release of the self titled ‘Ame’ LP. Titled Dream House, their second

ROTW: Ame - Dream House

long player might surprise a few people as it seems to stay clear of the usual club sound that Ame and Innervisions especially are commonly connected to, and becomes more of a personal experiment. One that results in Dream House being as eclectic as it is unique, the tracklist features toplines and samples from Matthew Herbert, Jens Kuross, Planningtorock, Roedelius and Gudrun Gut and musically delivers everything from retro tinged dance on Queens Of Toys and Gerne to electronic rock on Deadlocked and even heavily processed vocal work on tracks like Blind Eye. As a whole the album feels like a breakout from everyday house music, a statement that not every track must have 4/4 drums and a massive bassline.

Where to start:
‘The Line’ – Warm synth work with a subtle metallic resonance
‘Give Me Your Ghost’ – Strong modulation paired with a great topline
‘No War’ – Emotive strings, deep basslines and playful vocals

More from Ame:
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Ame – Dream House is out now on Innervisions.