ROTW: Anthony Naples - orbs

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, New York-based artist Anthony Naples returns for his fifth studio album, ‘orbs’. The record sees Naples take us on a fluid sonic journey through ten tracks which push the boundaries of lo-fi, IDM, electronica, and hip-hop. With organic percussion rhythms, guitar bass tones, echoing synth pads, and emotive piano keys, ‘orbs’ showcases Naples’ abilities in creating a deep and introspective, yet highly versatile sound. From the very

ROTW: Anthony Naples - orbs

first track, the album establishes a uniquely thought-provoking atmosphere that draws listeners into its bubble. A lack of any core top line gives your brain the freedom to process its way through your own lingering thoughts, guided by the varying tempos and rhythms each track provides. Some tracks are mellow and a touch more downtempo, invoking a sense of calm, while others push a much more danceable sound and bring a boost of energy to your listening session. Regardless of the diverse range on display, it’s certainly cohesive throughout, and is a refreshing take on the all too often cookie cutter approach to long players. It comes via the Incienso-affiliated ANS Recordings imprint, which has been responsible for four of Anthony’s five albums.

Where to start:
Scars: Pulsing synth melodies meets deep, punchy drum grooves
Silas: Tumbling percussive rhythms and chilling soundscapes
Gem: Shimmering pluck melodies and echoing sample rhythms

Previous from Anthony Naples:
Fog FM LP (2019, ANS Recordings)
Take Me With You (2018, ANS Recordings)

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Anthony Naples – orbs LP is out now on ANS Recordings.