ROTW: Benedikt Frey - Fastlane

Benedikt Frey makes a welcomed return to the ESP Institute imprint for his second album on the label in six years. Following on from 2017’s ‘Artificial’ LP, he now releases the 12-track ‘Fastlane’ with the label – which also comes the same year as his ‘40G’ LP for Pinkman. Previously the German artist has released tracks on Malka Tuti Records and Lumiere Noire Records too, as well as his own R.i.O imprint. ‘Fastlane’ brings a pretty straight forward sound that primarily consists of electronica, house,

ROTW: Benedikt Frey - Fastlane

and acid, and pushes a ton of filtered synth sounds and analogue drum machines. The constantly evolving soundscapes do an excellent job of pulling you in and keeping you focused throughout the different arrangements, whether its the syncopated nature of the different drum and break rhythms, or the intense bursts of acid on tracks like ‘Industry’ and ‘Trick Shot’, it’s pretty hard to find yourself bored of this one.

Where to start:
Habits: Slow, echoing synth work and crisp breaks
Trick Shot: Heavy drums and rhythmic acid bass
Crank: Sluggish and heavy set low end sounds

Previous from Benedikt Frey:
40G LP (2023, Pinkman)
Artificial LP (2017, ESP Institute)

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Benedikt Frey – Fastlane LP is out now on ESP Institute.