ROTW: Bjarki - Happy Earthday

Icelandic native Bjarki returns to the album format with a new and extremely versatile fifteen track long player titled Happy Earthday. Following a triple LP outing with Nina Kraviz’ трип Records, he gathers a decade of work that features everything from IDM and breakbeat to downtempo and in some spots even subtle hints of trance. While he might be regarded as a go-to for over-powered techno bangers, Happy Earthday shows a different side to his studio output, one for the afterparty

ROTW: Bjarki - Happy Earthday

when energy levels can’t keep up with Polygon Pink Toast or I Wanna Go Bang. In his own words Bjarki says “You can consider this album as a window into my head and even my soul. It reflects my thoughts at the time I made this music. For me it is a bit odd, sharing it like this with the world.” The bbbbbb label boss also mentioned that the album is heavily influenced by his homeland as well as environmental issues. It arrives via the Berlin based record label and distributor !K7 Records, who are primarily known for their popular DJ-Kicks mix CDs.

Where to start:
‘Blessuð Börnin’ – Loose fitting percussion dances around warming kick drums
‘AN6912’ – Fiery ambience fuelled by hollow synths and crunching distortion
‘Plastic Memories’ – Relaxed drum beats and grungy bass

Previous from Bjarki:
AE LP (2016, Trip)
Oli Gumm EP (2018, Trip)

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Bjarki’s Happy Earthday LP is out now on !K7.