ROTW: Bob Moses - Battle Lines

Friends since school, Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance likely had no idea the impact their music would have when they were reunited years later. Now the Vancouver duo have just put out their second studio album under Bob Moses. Following their Grammy nominated debut of the Days Gone By LP, Howie and Vallance have delivered Battle Lines, once again to their usual home of UK imprint Domino Recording Co. Battle Lines brings 11 tracks in total which slowly journey across the sonic

ROTW: Bob Moses - Battle Lines

landscapes of electronica, house, downtempo and even prog rock and pop at times. At its core it holds all the Bob Moses characteristics that have seen the pair so well received in the past, though with a seemingly refreshed approach, the guitar work is well practiced and the vocals tell a real story. Tracks such as ‘Fallen From Your Arms’ don’t have any drums at all, while ‘Heaven Only Knows’ brings a huge snare to the forefront, it’s a perfectly contrasting combination from start to finish.

Where to start:
‘Heaven Only Knows’ – Late night guitar riffs, mellow pianos and softened vocals
‘Nothing But You’ – Some of the best songwriting on the album
‘Enough To Believe’ – Wide open vocals atop great sound design and drum rhythms

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Bob Moses’ Battle Lines LP is out now on Domino Recording Co LTD.