ROTW: Bob Moses - The Silence In Between

Grammy-award winning duo Bob Moses return to their long-time home of Domino Recording Co for the release of their fifth studio album, ‘The Silence In Between’. The album brings a similar sound to their previous work, bridging the gap between deep and progressive house and the more pop-tinged realm of electronica. The pair successfully find that sweet spot where the music appeals to the general everyday listener, yet doesn’t quite alienate their existing fanbase, a formula that can amount to

ROTW: Bob Moses - The Silence In Between

incredible success in the long run. ‘Love Brand New’ and ‘Back To You’ are built for the radio audience, with emotive top line vocals and gripping melodies, while ‘Time and Time Again’ and ‘Never Ending’ go for a more stripped back, club-friendly approach. Amongst the other tracks, you find broken electro drums on ’Broken Belief’, moody electronic hiphop rhythms on ‘Ordinary Friend’, and subtle techno influences on the drums of ‘Believe’. It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll love 100% of the sounds here, though whichever way your tastes lean, the tracks you do appreciate will be plenty to satisfy those aural tastebuds. Bob Moses signed to Domino back in 2014, and have since become a flagship presence in their catalogue, alongside renowned artists such as Jon Hopkins, Arctic Monkeys, and Franz Ferdinand.

Where to start:
Time and Time Again: Punchy drum hits and big, filtered basslines
Hanging On: Uplifting vocals meet wide open synth chords
Believe: Big tech drums sit beneath sustained piano keys

Previous from Bob Moses:
Days Gone By LP (2015, Domino Recording Co)
Battle Lines LP (2018, Domino Recording Co)

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Bob Moses – The Silence In Between is out now on Domino Recording Co.