ROTW: Bochum Welt - Seafire

Having brought his intelligently produced style of IDM, electro and ambient music to the forefront via labels like Aphex Twin’s Rephlex, !K7 Records and BMG, Italian studio enthusiast Gianluigi Di Costanzo now debuts with Sheffield’s incredibly impressive CPU Records under his Bochum Welt project. The UK imprint has previously welcomed sounds from DMX Krew, Jensen Interceptor and Mikron, and Bochum Welt is a valued addition to their roster. His new Seafire LP gathers a

ROTW: Bochum Welt - Seafire

widely varying palette of bleeps and bloops for 11 different tracks that span a multitude of genres. Rough ‘n ready stompers like THR are packed alongside beat less ambience on N Hayworth Ave, with a stacks of filtered modulation and creamy synth work in-between. In the words of Di Costanzo himself, “Since ‘Seafire’ is an evolution of the electro sound I worked on in the past, it seemed natural to release it with Central Processing Unit, the very cool British record label which is continuing Sheffield’s strong electronic music heritage.” The album is available now as a digitial download, 12″ vinyl and on streaming platforms.

Where to start:
‘Mavic’ – Superbly playful drum and percussive grooves
‘More Light’ – Emotion-filled synth chords with faint melodic touches
‘THR’ – Rough basslines and crunchy drum breaks

Previous from Bochum Welt:
April LP (2017, !K7 Records)
R.O.B. LP (2008, BMG)

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Bochum Welt’s Seafire LP is out now on CPU Records.