ROTW: Boris Brejcha - Space Diver

Having previously only produced club-focused, highly intense minimal techno, Boris Brejcha’s talents as a music producer were severely limited to a small sub-section of the dance music world. One decade later, and his sound has evolved into a multi-genre melting pot that not only shows a maturity in taste, but an extreme progression in his own technical abilities. This month the German born artist released his sixth studio album, the 12-track Space Diver. The record follows multiple singles on

ROTW: Boris Brejcha - Space Diver

Ultra Records as his first album with the label. Continuing the narrative of longer than usual running times (his 2016 22 LP was almost three hours long), Space Diver comes in at just over 90 minutes, with the shortest track on the project being the title track at 6 minutes 37 seconds. Likely a habit from his minimal-only-days, but now combined with the sonic traits of techno, trance, deep house and progressive, Brejcha’s ability to keep our interest in tracks that come in around eight and nine minutes is a pretty rare talent in itself, especially given that most producers these days struggle to push past four or five. His now exceedingly eclectic sound his put him in the sometimes frowned upon area between commercially viable music and the assumed more-authentic underground scene, alongside names like Eric Prydz, Paul Kalkbrenner and Deadmau5, who have released on Virgin, Sony and Ultra in the past. Though just like the previously mentioned artists, Brejcha is in no danger of being considered a sell-out, the success is likely a result of endless hours in the studio, an intelligent approach to song writing and a little bit of luck.

Where to start:
Happinezz – Trance meets techno under vocals from Ginger
Never Look Back – Chunky drums, uplifting melodies and pitched vocals
To The Moon And Back – Reverb and delay combine for big grooves

Previous from Boris Brejcha:
22 LP (2016, Fcking Serious)
Feuerfalter LP (2014, Harthouse)

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Boris Brejcha’s Space Diver LP is out now on Ultra Records.