For the majority of people, today will probably be just another typical Monday afternoon, though for British techno producer Boxia, today marks the release of his debut artist album. Titled A Night In The Life Of, the 14-track long player comes via Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Records, which since launching in 1996 has put together festivals, is behind one of the worlds leading techno-focused radio shows and has released music from Pig&Dan, ANNA, Green Velvet, Bart Skils, Amelie Lens, Enrico

ROTW: Boxia - A Night In The Life Of

Sangiuliano, Alan Fitzpatrick and Layton Giordani among others. Boxia lays an impressive foundation of techno basics, lean kick drums, sharp rhythms and huge basslines, which is then topped off with a bunch of well-tailored chords, vocal samples and breakdowns, the aesthetic instantly steps into the mainroom for a stadium-sized wall of sound. From the albums description, Drumcode describe the record as “A musical portrait inspired by friends. Each track represents a personal memory.” Which ever order you decide to go through this one, we recommend you give each and every track a good listen, as there’s plenty of surprises that your typical techno album struggles to offer.

Where to start:
‘Last Nightclub’ – Choppy transients and misty vocal whispers
‘Primal People’ – Pacing techno anthem that’s ready for the mainstage
‘Where Are Your Friends’ – Softened acid synths, large reverbs and smooth filters

Previous from Boxia:
Ethereal Education EP (2018, Drumcode)
Point Of No Return EP (2017, We Are The Brave)

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Boxia – A Night In The Life Of is out now on Drumcode Records.