ROTW: Boys Noize - Strictly Raw, Vol.2

A mini-LP of 8 tracks from German DJ and producer Alex Ridha. Let’s not beat about the bush here, these are a damn fine collection of straight up club bangers. Effortlessly showcasing the kind of freestyle approach that Boys Noize DJ sets have become famous for, Strictly Raw Vol. 2 is hardcore, it’s EBM, it’s techno, it’s industrial, it’s acid, it’s electro. Recorded in his studio as a series of live analogue jams, Strictly Raw Vol. 2, represents a very pure fusion of mind and machine, that creates a

ROTW: Boys Noize - Strictly Raw, Vol.2

sound so often overlooked in the modern musical climate, but undoubtedly remains a fundamental part of dance music’s rich and glorious heritage. Don’t mistake this as some kind of nostalgic throwback, this is a sound that every self-respecting electronic music fan should get to experience on a dancefloor at some point in their lives.

Where to start:
‘Nightmehr’ – like hopping into a time machine to Rotterdam in the 90s.
‘Purgatory’ – a proper nod to the Belgian new-beat sound.
‘Distort Me’ – the clue is in the title. Kick-drums + mad distortion = heavy duty.

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Boys Noize – Strictly Raw, Vol.2 is out now on Boysnoize Records.