ROTW: Buttechno - badtrip

Pavel Milyakov has left a permanent dent on the minds of techno enthusiasts the world over. Founding Moscow’s John’s Kingdom collective, releasing with Gost Zvuk and The Trilogy Tapes under Buttechno and playing to dancefloors such as Berghain, Bassiani, Tresor and De School. His sound has had an international impact. More recently, Milyakov brought Buttechno to Nina Kraviz’ Trip label, an imprint that has previously put out tracks from PTU, Exos, Shadowax and Bjarki. His new

ROTW: Buttechno - badtrip

‘badtrip’ long player adds another album to the Buttechno catalogue, and could be his most impressive production to date. A combination of richly produced IDM, straight forward rave anthems and lofi-techno, the tracklist offers analogue drum sounds, chilling textures and a resonant heavy low end. Stepping back from the aggressively produced blandness that saturates todays techno, Pavel delivers a perfectly ripe record that’s primed for almost any listening environment.

Where to start:
‘rokton’ – Resonance filled acid roller
‘wb movement’ – Off-centre drum rhythms and a huge bassline
‘j become’ – Haunting vocal samples and simplified melodies

Previous from Buttechno:
Cherskogo Drive EP (2018, Cititrax)
Martyan Cuts LP (2017, John’s Kingdom)

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Buttechno’s badtrip LP is out now on Trip Recordings.