ROTW: Catching Flies - Tides

George King, also known as Catching Flies, makes a much-welcomed return to his own Indigo Soul imprint for the recent release of his sophomore studio album, ‘Tides’. The 11-track record finds the Londoner dish up an eclectic spread of house, electronica, and downtempo sounds which are connected in ways that are both subtle and intricate, and pack a ton of harmonising energy. At its core the album is a fun, bubbly soundscape which offers up a decent measure of playful house tracks and

ROTW: Catching Flies - Tides

uplifting melodies, though around the edges you’ll find broken drum rhythms and introspective string work, which at times even approaches the neo-classical soundtrack end of things. Especially on ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Snow Day’. Talking about making the album, King mentioned “I tried to really push myself musically. The challenge was – how do I make this sound much bigger than a guy sitting in a room with a laptop and a MIDI keyboard?”

Where to start:
Friday Lake: Warm house drums meet colourful melodies
Magnolia: Light percussive rhythms and harmonising strings
GLY: Filtered synth bass and catchy vocal chops

Previous from Catching Flies:
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Catching Flies – Tides LP is out now on Indigo Soul.