ROTW: Chrissy - Physical Release

San Francisco-based selector Chrissy adds another jewel to his sonic crown, this time in the form of his new long player, Physical Release. The record lands on Hooversound Recordings, as the labels first album to date. Headed up by Sherelle and Naina, the imprint has seen music from Deft, Om Unit, and Special Request in the past. With 11 tracks included, and almost an hour of run time, Physical Release is Chrissy’s homage to the physical spaces of club music. He adds “the warehouses, clubs,

ROTW: Chrissy - Physical Release

record stores, late night cafes, lofts, and friends’ living rooms that let us connect to each other, experience the joy and wonder of dance music culture, and find our family. “ It’s a pretty eclectic piece of work, stretching its limbs across rave, house, and jungle primarily, with a little progressive finding its way into some corners too. It’s packed to the brim with that dusty, imperfect, yet oddly soothing sound of the late 90’s, one that countless producers try to imitate today, yet so few manage to get right, Chrissy is one of those latter mentioned few. The nostalgic combination of uplifting chord melodies and harmonising female vocals is balanced out with intense hoover-esque basslines and rhythmic junglist chants, while the remaining inclusions offer stern 808 bass hits, disco-leaning guitar riffs, crunching breaks, and everything in between.

Where to start:
Feel The Spirit Move You: Big vocals and playful synth programming
Lift Me Up: Nostalgia-inducing piano house banger
Rooftop Sunrise: Punchy drums, filtered basslines, and airy pad tones

Previous from Chrissy:
Resilience LP (2019, Chiwax)
The Cool Ranch Collection LP (2020, Cool Ranch)

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Chrissy – Physical Release LP is out now on Hooversound Recordings.