ROTW: Christopher Kah - Les Frequences Interdites

A catalogue of music that includes outings with Gigolo Records, Cr2 Records, Gem Records and Food Music, as well as strong support from names like Laurent Garnier and Dave Clarke, have put Christopher Kah’s sound in the ears of millions over the past decade. His tracks bring a unique crossover between punchy club techno and richly produced ambient electronica. Combining indistinguishable vocal samples with bright bursts of melody and broken drum arrangements, he has

ROTW: Christopher Kah - Les Frequences Interdites

slowly chipped away to create his own space within the electronic music community. The latest work to come from his studio is the newly released Les Frequences Interdites, a 9-track album that Kah apparently produced using a limited setup, wanting to inspire other creators and prove that you don’t need a glamorous £100,000 studio to make a good album. The record arrives on his own Highwav Records imprint, a label he launched back in 2016 that has released exclusively his own music so far. Another interesting note is that almost all the tracks start out an eerily processed vocal whisper, saying stuff like “this is not the beginning”, and “don’t underestimate its fierceness”. Check it out!

Where to start:
‘Mirage’ – Vibrant low end, broken drum beats and glitchy vocal rhythms
’14 ans’ – Drum breaks and atmospheric synth pads
‘Enlightenment’ – Blurry vocal samples and creative noise samples

Previous from Christopher Kah:
Second Nature LP (2018)
Limited Resource LP (2018)

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Christopher Kah – Les Frequences Interdites is out now on Highwav Records.