ROTW: Chromeo - Adult Contemporary

Chromeo release the sixth studio album of their almost 20-year history together, blending bright, multi-layer synth melodies and dense rhythm-soaked basslines into a brand new 14-track production which also includes a feature from British duo La Roux. The Canadian pair have been responsible for some of the most timeless funk and synth-pop tracks of all time, and their new ‘Adult Contemporary’ LP brings more of the same. Stripped back to only the most essential components, the record uses

ROTW: Chromeo - Adult Contemporary

nostalgia-tinged synthesizers and tightly packed drum work to keep the groove and energy going from start to finish.

Where to start:
Replacements: Synth heavy and vocals from La Roux
Personal Effects: Filtered bassline grooves and big vocal hooks
CODA: Dense basslines, colourful vocals, bright melodies

Previous from Chromeo:
White Woman LP (2014, Parlophone)
Business Casual LP (2010, Back Yard Recordings)

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Chromeo – Adult Contemporary LP is out now on BMG.