ROTW: Ciel - Homesick

The fifth release to come from Toronto-based record label Parallel Minds arrives courtesy of its co-founder, China-born DJ & producer Cindy Li, known creatively as Ciel. After being motivated to write an album throughout the different periods of lockdown-induced club closures, she produced her debut long player ‘Homesick’ during the first quarter of 2022, a 9-track offering which delivers a balanced spread of house, garage, and downtempo sounds. It includes zero credited features, and

ROTW: Ciel - Homesick

relies heavily on a combination of intriguing percussive rhythms and softened synth-driven textures, some tracks are a dream-like blend of sustained pad sounds and wispy percussive knocks, while others lean more towards the bassline-focused end of the dancefloor spectrum, and provide a more direct approach in terms of 4/4 drum work. Though one thing every inclusion boasts is an emphasise on rhythm. There’s a seamless consistency which flows through the entire record, fuelled by familiar drum and percussive sounds, and metallic instruments which provide a subtle, yet welcomed contrast.

Where to start:
Breath: Big and chunky drums layered with dynamic vocal chops
Hide: Bass-heavy synth work and trippy drum grooves
Gourd: Elastic basslines meet skippy percussive rhythms

Previous from Ciel:
Hundred Flowers EP (2018, Coastal Haze)
Orlando EP (2023, !K7)

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Ciel – Homesick LP is out now on Parallel Minds.