ROTW: Complete Walkthru - Scrolls

It’s quite uncommon to find a producer who creates music entirely for themselves, with no thought for financial compensation or fame. Though with American talent Max McFerren, that’s exactly the situation. In the words of Glaswegian label Numbers where he’s just released his new album Scrolls, the record explores “themes of privacy, disillusionment and personal development over eleven tracks, representing a transitional time in McFerren’s life.” The record unites rich

ROTW: Complete Walkthru - Scrolls

textures with the sound design, and incredibly polished mix downs on an 11-long tracklist that features a widely different range of styles. Everything from straight forward house beats to broken down UK-inspired rhythms to completely beat-free instrumentals. What makes things even more impressive is the absence of any collaboration, meaning every kick drum, arrangement, percussive hit and melody is straight from McFerren’s own creative vision.

Where to start:
‘Cardio’ – Experimental drum patterns that will no doubt get you dancing
‘Getting Ridiculous’ – Low hanging bass weapon
‘Family By ’22’ – Intense drum rhythms and bouncy synth stabs

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Complete Walkthru’s Scrolls LP is out now on Numbers.