ROTW: Cubicolor - Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night

The 2016 release of Dutch-British trio Cubicolor’s debut album Brainsugar came as a refreshing addition to almost everyone’s music collection, their ability to combine crisp melodic chords and uplifting vocal lines was a level above a lot of what we had heard before. Now following the acclaimed success of Brainsugar, the group returns to Above & Beyond and James Grant’s Anjunadeep for their sophomore long player, titled Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night. 12-tracks of eclectic dance music

ROTW: Cubicolor - Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night

that achieves an impressive balance of highly polished sonic clarity, and superbly emotive harmonies. Overall things are definitely more mature than the previous album, if comparing Brainsugar to the fresh faced, boyish new recruit, Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night would be the experienced veteran that has abandoned any desire to follow trends or please outsiders. The trio had previously finished a completely different album, though the project was thrown out at the last stage, Cubicolor mentioned “It had twelve tracks, a different name, all the artwork was done and a date was set for it to be released. We got home and listened to it, then called each other and decided to drop the whole thing. The next week we went back into the studio and started again.”

Where to start:
‘Points Beyond’ – Emotive vocals weave their way through caressing synth work
‘Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night’ – Superb guitars and chilling vocals
‘Rituals’ – A slow moving journey led by confident piano chords

Previous from Cubicolor:
Brainsugar LP (2016, Anjunadeep)
Falling EP (2016, Fayer)

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Cubicolor – Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night is out now on Anjunadeep.