ROTW: Dance Maniacs - Built Like That

Los Angeles’ flourishing club music scene finds itself with yet another stand out production as the vastly intriguing trio of Avi Loud, Oak City Slums, and Liano drop their debut collaborative album ‘Built Like That’, under their Dance Maniacs moniker. Mastered by DJ SWISHA, the 8-track record arrives on the American record label and collective Juke Bounce Werk, which has previously released music from artists such as DJ Noir, Scatta, and Kush Jones. Integrating everything from house and

ROTW: Dance Maniacs - Built Like That

techno, to breaks and electro, ‘Built Like That’ is a showcase of dance music in its purest form. Properly refined drum transients, synth stabs that are bursting with energy, and percussive-heavy grooves that keep you tapping your feet from the first beat to the last are all on display. A superb tracklist of sounds which deserves both your time and attention.

Where to start:
Dance: Massive drum hits and a rhythmic Chic vocal
Built Like That: Powerful synth stabs and energetic breaks
Siren Drum: Bass heavy kick drums meet huge percussive rhythms

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Dance Maniacs – Built Like That LP is out now on Juke Bounce Werk.