ROTW: Daniel Avery - Love + Light

British born artist Daniel Avery has become a mainstay amongst UK radio set lists, is constantly touring as a DJ, and has multiple tracks on Spotify that have cleared the 1,000,000 plays mark. Now following the success of 2013’s Drone Logic and 2018’s Song For Alpha, Avery has released his third solo artist album, and on the same label as the previous two, Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound. Coming as a double sided release, the album includes 14 tracks in total and covers everything that you

ROTW: Daniel Avery - Love + Light

might expect from Daniel, the wide-open ambient soundscapes, the pulsating techno arrangements and the distorted crunching of his IDM-driven productions. When lockdown arrived and every dancefloor in the world became empty, DJs found themselves sitting around with not much to do, besides get into the studio, and that’s exactly what Avery did. Using the new gap in schedule to dive into old and current projects, the album was apparently finished just two weeks before it dropped as a surprise release. “This record has been a real positive force of energy in my life, to the point where it almost formed itself in front of me,” Avery says. “In that same spirit, I wanted to share it with you now, as soon as it was finished.”

Where to start:
‘Dream Distortion’ – Punchy drums and fluttering synth stabs
‘One More Morning’ – Dreamy ambient meets rhythmic dance music
‘Infinite Future’ – Atmospheric IDM alongside gravelly percussive spills

Previous from Daniel Avery:
Drone Logic LP (2013, Phantasy Sound)
Song For Alpha LP (2018, Phantasy Sound)

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Daniel Avery – Love + Light LP is out now on Phantasy Sound.